Juliana is back in san Francisco and also uncovering an ext secrets while Joe attempts to conceal plenty of of his own.

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The man in the High Castle‘s 5th episode, “The N2175forals.com Normal,” picks up in the immediate results of the Crown Prince of Japan being shot while giving a speech in mountain Francisco. Chaos erupts, through some human being fleeing the scene while rather stand approximately in shock. Frank, that course, flees, hiding his total in one alley even though he never ever used it. Most likely a good idea considering his background with the Kempeitai.

All that the chaos means that the Japanese room locking under the area and also looking because that the shooter. Caught in this restrictive atmosphere is “Barnes,” the Nazi agent working v Tagomi. The vial, which us learn later is in reality a microfilm of part sort, is still in his possession after ~ he to be unable to obtain it to the scientific research Minster. When he’s around to be screened by the Japanese before they lead him away, he has to swallow the microfilm in order to store its possession a secret.

Also shed in every the chaos is Juliana’s necklace, together Frank drops it when he turns to run away from the scene of the shooting. Once everyone removes out later, Tagomi finds it top top the ground and also takes it. It’s unclear exactly how the necklace might really be linked to frank or Juliana, however we check out it again in ~ the finish of the episode, and also you recognize what castle say about Chekhov’s gun.

Speaking the Juliana, she’s finally back home in mountain Francisco, and while she’s excited to see Frank, he’s not nearly as welcoming. After all, she just took turn off without giving him any notice and he was left to shot and hold things together. That wasn’t easy, especially when the Kempeitai came looking for her.

With Frank being so cold, Juliana goes to visit her mom and also step dad, both the whom have no idea about her trip to Canon City and also remain in the dark about Trudy’s death. She’s just there because that a short time due to the fact that her mom begins to talk around how tragic it was that Frank shed his sister, niece, and also neph2175forals.com. The despair the falls across Juliana’s confront is palpable, together this is the an initial she’s heard of their death, explaining Frank’s dire state.

She hurries home and embraces him, weeping into his shoulder and talking around how she regrets gaining on the bus to Canon City. She feeling responsible for everything that’s happened, consisting of her changed relationship v Frank. When Frank goes ago to job-related he recommends she goes come the dojo. She wonders if they can just go earlier to normal, yet Frank claims it’s impossible, and also that for currently he’s simply trying to endure until the next day.

Unfortunately for Juliana though, she can’t even find comfort and also familiarity in ~ the dojo. Once she reflects up over there she’s educated that the Kempeitai have actually come trying to find her, and also that her presence as a “wanted” human being will disrupt the harmony that the dojo. Juliana may have only left for a f2175forals.com days, yet her entirety life has been turn upside down.

Meanwhile, Joe is ago with the Nazis and also being forced to recount his every relocate while he was on his mission in Canon City. He states that while taking the film with him come the potential meeting through the male in the High castle was a violation the a direct order, it to be the only thing that can be done.

It’s an inconsistency in his story, though. Couple that through the fact that he continues to lie around Juliana’s role in the totality thing and suddenly Joe’s dual allegiances seem to be developing a lot of of difficulties for him. At the very least the Obergruppenführer has invited him end to celebrate V.A. Day! I’m kidding; trusted Obergruppenführer is by far the scariest variation of the Obergruppenführer, even if the dinner could give Joe an chance to sneak a emergence at that “Grasshopper” file.

In mountain Francisco, Juliana is spring for more answers and clues to what the movies mean and what the Resistance is after. She explores Randall’s exit residence however doesn’t uncover much. An additional woman shows up though, a friend of Randall’s, and gives her part information. She says that the Resistance have actually been trading the movies with the male in the High lock for details that will aid them hit the government.

She likewise thinks that someone set up Randall and Trudy, and also that it was most likely someone within the Japanese government. She reflects Juliana a visitor’s happen to the Japanese Authority building that remained in Randall’s apartment. The name on it, Sakura Iwazaru, method nothing to either of them, however it’s a reservation nonetheless.

Thus, this woman has a suggestion for Juliana. If she’s looking for a purpose, for a method to hit back, the Japanese Authority structure often hires young ladies to occupational secretary and temp jobs. She can attempt to obtain a job there and work together a mole top top the inside. The seems like a shaky plan, however it’s something.

Juliana might not be the just one in touch v someone from the Resistance. When Frank attends a memorial company for Laura and her kids, one old family members friend named note Samson greets that afterwards. That doesn’t disclose that he’s component of the Resistance, but he tells Frank come come by any kind of time if he desires to chat and also then whispers “to life” in his ear as soon as he leaves. It seems like critical connection together the story moves forward.

At the authority Building, things don’t go precisely as planned for Juliana. Once she is intervi2175forals.comed for a job she’s told that she’ll obtain it as lengthy as she caters to her boss’ unique needs and also service. Due to the fact that this is tv in 2015, that method a scene of implied sexual violence follows, wherein the ceo unbuckles his pants and also asks if Juliana desires the job. Juliana runs the end of the office and bumps into Tagomi. The drops the necklace that when belonged come her and she choose it up and gives it ago before she dashes the end of the building.

Despite every the twists and turns, “The N2175forals.com Normal” is tho a meandering episode. When the scene wherein “Barnes” manages to transport the microfilm come the pocket of the scientific research Minister is wonderfully tense, lot of the episode simply moves v the motions, stuck in place at the season’s halfway mark.

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