After officially withdrawing from the huge 12, Texas and Oklahoma seem to be destined because that a move to the SEC after submitted letter requesting admis2175forals.comon come the conference on Tuesday. 

With that move seemingly all but inevitable in ~ this point, the remainder of the SEC, and specifically Texas A&M room watching intently as the 2175forals.comtuation develops. 

With that said, no everyone in Aggie land is an especially happy about the Longhorns relocate to the conference. 

One Aggie that is excited about the rivalry being renewed, is Texas A&M Legend Johnny Manziel, who, despite cultivation up in the state the Texas, never obtained to suffer the rivalry ~ above the field himself. 

Manziel spoke about the recent news if participating in the Texas State open on Tuesday.

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“The rivalry (with Texas) has actually been gone for a while and now the looks favor it’s going come come back, so it’s time to just sack up and also go beat the game," Manziel said via Brandon Ogden that the Tyler Morning Telegraph. "We’re in a good po2175forals.comtion, we have a great coach, we have actually a an excellent team. 

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So how does Manziel feel about the Longhorns and also Sooners opportunities in the SEC top top a macro scale?




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Well, in typical Manziel fashion he was together outspoken as ever, throwing shade at the much-maligned the large 12's perceived absence of competition.  

"If they desire to pertained to the SEC and also see what it’s every about, then we welcome them with open up arms," Manziel said. "But it is no cakewalk and it’s no the big 12, for this reason it have to be interesting to see exactly how things play out.”

With the enhancements of Texas and also Oklahoma seemingly simply days away, Manziel seemed excited about the direction of the conference could be taking. 

However, he also was rapid to suggest out A&M's benefit in that regard as well, noting their 'head start' in the SEC, and also citing together a clear adavantage.

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“I think Texas A&M is in a good po2175forals.comtion no matter if Oklahoma or Texas decide to come (to the SEC), and also it looks choose they’re walking to,” Manziel said. “I think it’s great competition for the league, ns think it’ll make our conference better. And, happy for A&M, we have actually a nine, practically 10-year head start on both the those groups being in the SEC.

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