This rhyme is fairly old. It"s kind of a riddle rhyme because if you slur it… civilization have no idea what you"re talking about… it sounds like you"re speaking in a various language from English. That"s the trick behind this rhyme!

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From "Inland also printer/American lithographer, Volume 57" (1916):"Here are a couple of sentences which, if pronounced in the usual slurring fashion, will puzzle the listener to interpret: "Mares eat oats; does eat oats; bit lambs eat ivy; youngsters eat ivy as well." It will certainly sound like "Marezedotes, doezedotes littlelambszedyvy kidzedyvy as well.""*****Here"s an additional variation I was sent:Mareseyt ohts and also ghoats eyd ghroats and liddle lhambs eyd ivywouldnt yuo prefer to eyt ivy too.


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