Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, otherwise known as the Olsen Twins because their increase to call on the television sitcom Full House, room the stars of a renowned book series called Two the a Kind. The book collection is a spin-off of your short-lived television show with the exact same name that complies with the girl on adventures with each title.

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list of Mary-Kate and also Ashley"s 2 of a kind Books

The main characters in the Two of a Kind publications are the original characters in the television show. The books begin with twins named Mary-Kate and Ashley that live through their single dad. The twins, while opposite in countless ways, additionally have a lot in typical – consisting of crushes, college problems and also more. Together the series progresses, the girl have an ext grown-up problems. However, the is still ideal for many children between the periods of 6 and also 12.

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There room 40 books in the Two that a Kind book series. The list includes:

It"s a pair Thing How to Flunk Your first Date The Sleepover Secret One Twin too Many To Snoop or not to Snoop? My sister the Supermodel Two"s a Crowd Let"s Party! Calling every Boys Winner take it All P.S. Great You were Here The Cool Club War of the Wardrobes Bye-bye Boyfriend It"s eye Problem Likes Me, Likes Me Not Shore Thing Two because that the Road Surprise, Surprise! Sealed through a Kiss Now You view Him, currently You Don"t April Fools" Rules! Island Girls Surf, Sand, and also Secrets Closer than Ever The Perfect Gift The Facts around Flirting The Dream day Debate Love-Set-Match Making a Splash Dare come Scare Santa Girls Heart to Heart Prom Princess Camp absent "n" Roll Twist and also Shout Hocus-pocus Holiday Magic Candles, Cake, Celebrate! Wish on a Star numerous of the title in the Two of a Kind collection are also part of a series called Two the a kind Diaries. The Diaries publications are created by both Mary-Kate and also Ashley"s characters as if lock were creating in a real journal, quite than in the traditional storytelling narrative supplied in the other Two the a Kind books.

While new titles space not right now being released of the Two that a Kind books, the initial titles are still easily accessible at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and also other booksellers. Second-hand bookstores, thrift stores and also libraries room also good places to find the titles.

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an ext Mary-Kate and Ashley Books

The Two of a Kind collection is not the only one that functions the popular twins. The girls space also part of the following series:

You"re Invited, which features special parties because that younger girls Mary-Kate and also Ashley In Action!, which follows the twins on special missions as mystery agents Starring In, based upon movies certification Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen The Adventures of Mary-Kate and also Ashley and also The brand-new Adventures that Mary-Kate and also Ashley, both special the girls resolving mysteries Mary-Kate & Ashley Sweet 16, as soon as the girls are teenagers

Fun through Mary-Kate and Ashley

If you room a parent searching for some great chapter publications for girls that aren"t rather ready for pre-teen thing books, the Mary-Kate and Ashley Two that a Kind book series is a pretty choice. Include some interest by picking up a few copies of your movies or television collection to assist the following generation of girls learn about the twins.

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