Mass effect Andromeda A far better Beginning is one of the an initial major missions in the game, adhering to on indigenous Prologue - Hyperion, Planetside, and Getting to know the Nexus, and also has you explore and also settle ~ above the earth of Eos.

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If you"re after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass effect Andromeda walkthrough and also guide.

A much better Beginning

Speak come SAM to begin the Ryder household Secrets next mission, and also then head come the Tempest, your new home among the stars. You"ll be provided a quick tour and introduced come the crew, and finally you"ll it is in on your method to the world Eos in the Pytheas system.

14 things you need to shot in Mass effect Andromeda

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Investigate the strength relay station

Once you"ve set foot ~ above the world head to the objective. The door is, of course, locked, for this reason you"ll must follow the next marker. Research the datapad ~ above the desk then go back to the very first building.


Investigate the strange signal, search for a glyph to scan

Jump within it and also drive to the marker, then gain out and also scan the terminal in the center of the area before interacting v it. SAM will inform you you need to situate some added information, so an outbreak the scanner again and follow the yellow emphasize cables and also scan the objects on the top of the pillars before returning to the terminal.

Use the weird console, defeat the hostile bots

When you connect with that you"ll it is in leapt ~ above by Peebee; she"s harmless, so ignore the prompt to press her off, have a rapid talk through her, and also then attend to the Remnant that show up - focus on the Assemblers very first as they will proceed to spawn new Observers until they"ve to be taken down.

Activate the Remnant monoliths

Hop earlier in the Nomad and also follow the markers till you reach the large Remnant monolith.

There are an ext Assemblers and also Observers to address before girlfriend can access the terminal, and once again you"ll need to use her scanner to monitor the yellow cables to situate two glyphs.

The one top top the horizontal pillar can be reached by climbing ~ above the much end and also walking follow me the top, and the one ~ above the vertical pillar deserve to be accessed by making use of the small terminal next to it to create a set of hexagonal pillars you deserve to jump ~ above to.

Once they"re scanned return to the central terminal to deal with your first Remnant Decryption puzzle.


Investigate the entrance, discover the Remnant vault, follow the conduit right into the vault, Activate the gravity well

Head because that the marker, obtain out that the Nomad and also interact through the console to develop a bridge across the gap, and then rendezvous v Peebee on the much side. Head down the ramp, open up the big door, and head inside, and also jump under the huge hole in the center of the room to reach the area below.

Interact v the terminal in ~ the ago of the room and then usage your scanner to follow the yellow duct together it snakes v the i ahead.



Scan the glyphs on the walls either side of the locked chest and also then settle the puzzle to conference the loot.


Speak v Tann in ~ the Nexus Pathfinder HQ

Return come the Tempest, recruit Drack to her party, then return to the Nexus and also speak to Tann again come wrap up the mission.

You now have your selection of tasks - including side-quest beating the Kett and if you wanted, your first Architect despite we"d introduce holding out on these due to their difficulty - but when you"re all set to proceed with the main story, start with A trial of hope to discover the angara civilization of Aya.

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