transparent BioWare"s Mass impact trilogy, Shepard meets plenty of fascinating people, couple of more so 보다 Legion. What are the Geth"s ideal quotes?

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Mass result Featured picture Of two Screenshots the Legion
Legion is introduced in the second Mass Effect game, and also he quickly becomes among the best tech-savvy companions in the game. In combat, he"s useful since of his decent powers and solid sniper skills. However, fans" love for the personality doesn"t come indigenous his capability on the battlefield, together it is more because of his personality.

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The Geth unit is like no other character in the series. Gift a device means the not just talks in different ways to others, but he additionally provides a distinctive perspective on things. And despite only having restricted screentime during the 2nd and 3rd games, Legion delivers some wonderful lines. Here are the synthetic"s finest quotes.

10 "There to be A Hole."

Mass effect 2 Legion very first Appearance
among the very first things players notification about Legion – other than he"s a talk Geth – is the he"s put on a piece of N7 armor.

once Shepard asks him about it later, the Geth unit reveals the he uncovered it if tracking the Commander. And he fastened it come his armor due to the fact that he had a hole that required repairing. His straightforward "There to be a hole" an answer to Shepard"s ask is hilariously dull yet understandable.

Legion and also Tali Mass impact 2
because that the totality of the an initial game and most that the second, football player only obtain to hear about the Quarian"s conflict with the Geth native the former"s side. However, once Legion come aboard the Normandy, Shepard ultimately gets come hear what the Geth thought around the totality thing.

v the line in question, Legion explains that the Geth go not want to battle their creators. They had to fight for their own survival together the Quarians were trying to wipe castle out.

Legion in Mass effect 2
Full quote: "How might We become So Different? Why deserve to We No Longer recognize Each Other? What go We execute Wrong?"

as soon as Shepard has activated Legion, the Geth reveals that not every one of his species helped the Reapers. In the first game, the Geth troops working with Saren were in reality Heretics. Legion himself learns an ext about the types split throughout his loyalty mission.

in ~ one point, Legion delivers this emotionally quote when he finds the end that the Heretics have been spying on them. The Geth don"t really have actually emotions, but Legion sound a little upset as soon as delivering this line, which is what provides it therefore memorable. And also it to add a bit much more depth to the "rewrite the Heretics" decision later in the mission.

Mass result 2 Screenshot the Legion
Full quote: "We have Kept records Of this Creators’ Sacrifices. They have actually Largely been Forgotten through Their very own People. Yet Not by The Geth."

throughout the Geth Fighter Squadrons mission in Mass effect 3, players watch memories of few of the biggest moments in the synthetics" history. One recollection takes ar at the start of the Morning war (aka the war between the Geth and Quarians), and also it shows some Quarians protecting the Geth.

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It"s interesting due to the fact that almost every one of the suit-wearers Shepard meets throughout their adventures are really much against the fabricated beings. So, see Quarians sacrifice themselves because that their former servants is eye-opening. The scene it s okay even much better when Legion states that his gyeongju will never forget those who sacrificed themselves, despite their own civilization doing so.

Full quote: "You were The most Successful. You killed Their God. You prospered Where others Did Not. Your code Is Superior."

transparent the trilogy, Shepard receives plenty of compliments from other organic beings. Numerous praise your heroics, while rather respect the protagonist"s combat ability. Yet, none of their type words are as great as the heat Legion delivers come Shepard.

~ acknowledging Shepard"s successes and how they"ve excellent what nobody else could, the unit ends the flattery by saying, "your code is superior." The synthetic"s means of saying the commander is the ideal is clever and comical.

Full quote: ""Home" Is known Patterns. Known Spaces. Acquainted Thought procedures Of fellow Sapients. That Is Belonging."

Tali has actually many good lines in the series but never does she talk about the Quarians" lack of a homeworld as positively as Legion. The Geth provides his opinion on what "home" yes, really means, declare it"s not about the yes, really location and it"s more about belonging.

Legion"s evaluate on the topic is a an effective one, especially considering he is a synthetic. Most would not suppose a an equipment to know feelings and certain states that mind. If just some Quarians had actually felt the same method as the Geth unit, lock might"ve relocated on through their lives countless years ago.

Full quote: "We carry out Not understand The essential Fascination through Self-Poisoning, hear Damage, and also Sexually transmitted Disease."

Legion always strikes a an excellent balance in between seriousness and also humor. Among his funniest present comes when he"s in the immortality Club on Omega. The synthetic being reveals the he can"t know why organic"s go to clubs.

Legion hilariously points the end the main risks of consuming alcohol, listening to loud music, and partaking in action of passion. Technically, he"s not wrong through his hazard assessment, however, he appears to it is in overlooking the positives of every those activities.

Full quote: "Every suggest Of watch Is Useful, also Those That space Wrong – If We have the right to Judge Why A Wrong watch Was Accepted."

Legion delivers this remarkable quote while pointing out the Heretics" decision to join Sovereign. It works as a an excellent explanation as to why the Geth would permit the Heretics ago into your system.

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Although, the heat can also be a great lesson for civilization in the real people to learn. It"s simple to ignore silly opinions or viewpoints, however it deserve to be useful to attempt to access the origin of the disagreeable suggest of view.

The conflict between the Geth and the Quarians concerns an end in Mass impact 3. However, the specific conclusion to the lengthy war counts on Shepard"s actions. 2 of Priority: Rannoch"s endings attribute Legion uploading reaping machine code come the Geth to improve each unit.

Unfortunately, the fabricated can"t just copy the code to castle all. He requirements to straight disseminate his personality to everyone, meaning he"ll it is in gone. Legion"s final words come the Shepard room an apology for sacrificing himself. The line is made even more emotional through the truth that he supplies "I" rather of "we" for the first time, prove he is one individual.

perhaps Legion"s most well known quote in the collection is, "does this unit have actually a soul?" it is the same concern that the initial Geth systems asked when they to be mere servants come the Quarians. In ~ the time, the synthetics were ending up being smarter and also wanted to understand if they were an ext than just machines.

Legion reuses the quote throughout Priority: Rannoch when he"s around to upload the password that"ll make the Geth fully evolved AIs. If players regulate to make peace in between the Geth and also Quarians, the line is made even much better as Tali confirms that they do have souls.

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