Glasses Radar takes pride in detecting the ideal sunglasses featured on-screen, and the above pair the Matt Damon wears in Suburbicon captured our fist ! The movie narrates the story of Gardner Lodge and his family living in a peaceful and perfect town until whatever turns to a mess.

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Gardner Lodge, depicted by Matt Damon, is the key protagonist, and also wears transparent the movie a beautiful pair the eyeglasses.

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The glasses the Matt Damon wears because that his Gardner Lodge duty in Suburbicon are semi-rimmed analysis glasses v a turtle frame and also square lenses. They additionally have embossed steel accents top top the temples, which provides the version unmistakable.

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Gardner Lodge Eyeglasses


The glasses that Matt Damon attract in his Gardner Lodge role in Suburbicon room Old Focals The support reading glasses v tortoise frame.

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Quality Alternative


The Shuron Ronsir room a great alternative as they look at the same and cost less.

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Classic Alternative


The Ray-Ban Clubmasters are also a an excellent alternative for a comparable style at a fraction of the cost.

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