This is actually a great promo video for the Bat the end of Hell 2 album. The DVD contains video clips of numerous Bat 2 songs, interviews v Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman and also some live performances. The live clip is native the background of Meat bread TV show. There are likewise behind-the-scenes clip on developing the music videos,

Includes the following tracks :

1) opening Logos

2) conference Meat

3) I"d perform Anything for Love (But i Won"t perform That)- Live Performance

4) Rock and Roll dreams Come through - complete Length Video

5) Life Is a Lemon and also I desire My Money Back- complete Length Video

6) Objects in the Rear check out Mirror May appear Closer than They Are- full Length Video

7) sky by the Dashboard Light- Live Performance

8) I"d carry out Anything for Love (But i Won"t carry out That)- complete Length Video

9) finish Credits


Running time : 57 Minutes

You are watching: Meat loaf: bat out of hell ii - picture show

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