Previously, ~ above Mech-X4...So you"re sayingthe armed forces is relocating the ooze.- Grey?- ago from the dead!We work-related together once we have actually to.We"re frenemies.- No.- Weird way to placed it.Whatever you"re doing, it stop now.You"re as well late!You will address me as Traeger.Power ratings space off the chart.I have actually no idea just how to prevent him.We could"ve won this battleif I had actually two an excellent arms.But I recognize what we can do.I uncovered the aircraft Grey and Traeger stole.They"re in the Arctic.- You and I, we"ve to be rivals since...- Kindergarten.- carry out it.- Who are you talking to?Welcome come Mech-X4.No way.Thanks because that the ride, sis.Yeah, well,I couldn"t let girlfriend limp come the library.Yeah... If Mom and Dad wonder where I am,- Mm-hm?- Spyder"s failing,well, everything.I promised I"d spend the weekendtutoring him.We both know that kid"s untutorable.So, uh...Do girlfriend have an additional storyI have the right to tell Mom and Dad?We"re turn off to save the worldfrom a supervillain?Don"t worry. I"ll come up with somethingmuch an ext believable 보다 that.Look. Just... Be safe, okay?Get outta here.Your sister appears nice.Try sharing a bathroom v herand 3 older sisters.So... What around you?Everything taken care of?Yeah, I got Olivia to take careof mine gerbil, mine hamster, mine rescue Lhasa,my goldfish and also my bonsai tree.So, if fifty percent of castle aren"t deceasedby the time I get back,I will certainly take that as a win.No. What did you tell your dads?I need to make a call.Come on.There girlfriend go. Many thanks so much.- Hey, you ready?- Yeah. What about you?You acquired your covering story straight for Mom?I"m an alleged to it is in going with Harristo some academic bowl,- and also I"ll be his emotional support.- Right.And I"m going to a video clip game conventionwith Georgia and also her family.I gotta avoid talking.I don"t wanna smudge the fake scar.Are girlfriend wearing that little costumethat your girlfriend made girlfriend wear?It"s a warrior"s outfit.- Uh-huh.- Yes.But, it"s the perfect covering story.All right, I"m only gonna to win the convention because that one day,Mom thinks I"ll be right here for three,so I"m covered following two days.All right, and also then we"ll take Mech-X4up come the Arctic,we"ll take it on Traeger,and destroy the weapon,and climate we"ll it is in backbefore anybody rather misses us.Look in ~ you, mighty warrior.I gotta go.- Hey.- Hey.So... You readyto it is in my damsel in distress?Wait... Wai... Wait... What?I thought I to be gonna beyour items in shining armor?You have actually so much to learn.Okay.Just monitor my lead.You"ll acquire itbefore following year"s convention.Sure.All the time in the world.Is every little thing okay?Uh... Yeah. Ns just have this...big check after the convention.Hopefully I"ll acquire through it.I"m sure you"ll death it.I expect so.Ryan?I desire you and also your brother to know,that I"m top top you.And I recognize you think you"re fooling me,but I do not want a birthday giftthis year, okay?Every year you males fight around the gift,and it always ruins my date of birth dinner.What perform you mean?You should know that...I"m evaluate you right now.It"s a picture locket.With no photo in it.You were an alleged to put the photo.I obtained the locket, you to be in chargeof the photo, buttknuckle!Dipwad!Just, let the happen, Grace.Aaah! Let. Me. Go!Oh! Aah!Uhh...- Happy birthday...- Happy birthday, Mom.So I currently told her brother,and currently I"m informing you.No gifts.I don"t think fire departmentwill let us, anyway.Are friend okay, honey?Yeah. Ns just have actually a big projectI need to finish.- It far better not it is in a gift.- It"s not a gift.I heard you.A nice, quiet dinner together.When we acquire back.Okay.Come here. Ns love you.Okay. Love you too, Mom.I"ll view you later.- Wow.- are you marketing insurance now?I just obtained bar mitzvahed.So if I carry out in battle today... I die a man.That"s a tiny morbid, however respectable.Glad you"re no wearin" a guy bun.Oh, ns shoulda done that.Anyway, what"s um, what"s your excuse?I came ideal from the Wyvern conventionwith Georgia.It was actually pretty fun.Oh, man, she broke you.Have you ever kissed a girl?Uh, we ready?Yeah.- You obtained me a gift, friend shouldn"t have.- No, it"s not for you. It"s for my mom.- I"m gonna surprised he ~ we acquire back.- That"s thoughtful.Mom specifically claimed no gifts.You bought that? and also I bought this.- What"s in it?- Something from the ideal son, ever.We"re not done talkin" about this.Mech-Execute!The jet"s locked in and also we"re good to go.Status?Jet thrusters come maximum.Shields operational.And, uh, weapons at a hundred percent.All solution stable,you backstabbing, gift-getting weasel.Traeger has no idea the we"re coming.We have the facet of surprise.Today"s the day the we finish this.Here"s an additional surprise because that Traeger:He"s not fighting a young today.He"s fighting a man.Ooh.How can you males be for this reason calm?Oh, don"t it is in fooled.Ryan masks his are afraid with his confidence,Harris with his science babble,Mark v his ego,and, uh, me through my jokes.Come on, guys, we"re fighting Traeger.There"s a diaper under this suit.We"re all covertly terrified.Harris, ns just gave you the ideal set-upfor a joke ever. What"s up?Oh, sorry. Checking satellites.I deserve to see the technology he stole,but, tho no sign of Grey or Traeger.This is gonna it is in cake, y"all.And if it"s not,at least we"ll go under doing what us love.- Screaming?- below a couple days, you currently know me.We"re gaining close to the Arctic.All right, we"re almost there.He knew we were coming?- How?- the doesn"t matter.Incoming!Ow!I"m sorry. I... Couldn"t stop "em all.I am making a note of the date and also time,Veracity Campbell said "sorry."No way this was gonna be easy.We"re no gonna get a shoot at that weaponunless that gets off our backs.Spyder? Harris? Let"s seewhat this trip mode deserve to really do.Woo!Ha! he didn"t expect us come fly.We have an advantage. We must push it.-Let"s finish...-Let"s end up this.What?I didn"t... Okay. I didn"t... I...Ryan likes to say that stuff.Got it.Aah!- Ooh, we"re takin" hits.- native where?Where did the go?We shed the scanners ~ above the very first attack.Hey! the cloudkinda looks prefer Harris" dad.It go not.Oh. Wait. It kinda does, it"s...even cold and withholding, favor him.What"s that, Dad?I"m increase here, just saving the world,and what space you doing?Still functioning at the American Wheat Lobby?You guys seriously simply chatduring battles?How space you quiet alive?You"ll acquire it eventually.How come he have the right to hit usbut us can"t discover him?Maybe he can smell Spyder"s underwear.It"s possible,we perform not recognize the level of his powers.Guys, come on,I need a method to discover this thing.- Scanners aren"t picking him up.- We can release dronesand spread out them almost everywhere the clouds.Then we can program it to send the end pulsesthat can hit the monster...And reflect the signalback to the robot choose sonar.- Bam!- We"ll find him!- Ha!- Science!Must be hard for you twoto it is in this much away.Guys texting each various other emojis,what shade heart space you on?- Dude!- Unbelievable.Releasing the drones.We"re sending out the pulses and...Got him!His bearing is two-three-four,mark two-seven-nine.Right, uh, totally.It means below us.And the doesn"t watch us.I can"t organize on much longer!Fire everything!Dude, pull up!Impact in 30 seconds!Just sufficient time to tell mewhat you obtained Mom.Seriously? Now?I"m not informing you!I"ve got an idea for a gift,I simply wanna do sureit"s as great as yours.If it"s the sameas my "welcome to the robot" gift,which to be an autographed picture of you,then no!See, now you"re act it.Oh, jeez.You"re right, it... It"s contagious,now I"m cracking jokesas I"m about to die.You"re no gonna die. Harris! Now!Yeah! Woo! See, that"s just how you perform that!Pardon me, sir,did somebody order a smackdown?Because it"s to be brung!Take that, friend cherry-flavoredweird-toothed, iguana-wanna-be,let"s dance on his corpse!Huh?Is it too much?Guys... Look, it... It"s quiet moving.He"s going because that the prism weapon!Look just how weak the is.This is our possibility to take it him out!- What carry out we hit him with?- X-weapon?X-weapon!- in ~ the exact same time?- when he says...Mech-Execute!Shut that down! Now!It worked.And currently I don"t require them alive anymore.He wanted united state to come here.He tricked us right into using the X-weaponto cook that s of ooze.That explainswhy he never made a move on us,even though Grey knew that we were.He necessary us alive. Come fire the X-weapon!We"re in means over ours heads.Harris is around five inches shorterthan me.- This is no time for banter.- Sorry.Aah!My missiles are doing nothing!Arm cannon!Ryan!Ryan, the arm"s gone.He"s comes back! hang on, cave on!Ryan, every weapons space offline!Uh, it"s choose he"s taking outall that our an important systems!Everything"s walk red!Nothing"s working!He"s heading appropriate for us!Abandon the robot! obtain to the escape pod!We"ll... We"ll stop you.No. Friend won"t.It"s already over.Guess again, jerk.Everyone obtain to the elevator!Go! go! Go!Okay! Come on!Mark! Here!What"re you...

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Don"t go!Ry!You placed up a good fight.But it"s over.Oh, blah, blah, blah,if you"re gonna death me,just obtain it end with.Kill you?I have actually a gift because that you.The end of cost-free will,of struggle, decisions.The just voice you"ll hearinside your head... Is mine.Ryan?Ryan?Ryan? Ryan!OpenSubtitles recommends making use of Nord VPNfrom 3.49 USD/month ---->