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What is wrong with being certain of yourself? I’ve invested my totality life talking shit about myself. The means I look, my body, my weight, my intellect, why ns suck at group sports, etc. This year I chose to avoid that shit and although there’s a long road front of me since my me esteem is in shambles and also I never think I’m an excellent enough for anyone or anything, i do think that i am do progress. I post a snapshot of myself every mainly on my on facebook basically v the subtitle “I to be beautiful”. The doesn’t make me cocky back others may perceive it the way. That’s their problem. I am law it to make sure I don’t ever think the myself the way I offered to and that’s the very same thing Rumer, a mrs who has actually been torn under by the public and also the company for she looks and talent due to the fact that she to be a child, is doing right now.

Team Rumer Willis!

To the world agreeing with this secret… Remember the for years, fucking YEARS, Rumer Willis was dubbed “Potato Head” by Perez Hilton. Top top his website, which at one time was review by millions of human being a day. It was bullying of the greatest order, even worse due to the fact that for countless of those years the slimeball spent calling she that, she to be a minor. Therefore he was bullying a child, basically.That she came through it reasonably intact, and also with a healthy attitude about herself, is beautiful. What you contact cocky, I call refreshing.

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I’m having a real worry with human being essentially slut-shaming Maks for his revelation the various other day. And if girlfriend think it’s not, well…

I shed my virginity at… Let’s simply say younger 보다 that. Naturally, because high college boys can’t keep their mouths shut, that was almost everywhere the institution by the following afternoon. Ns got dubbed a slut, whore, tramp… every native you can think of.

Even now, if ns go on a date, that inquiry comes up, and I deserve to feel the judgement.

Just favor y"all are judging Maks now.

It’s unnecessary, and really kinda gross. Clearly, the is unbothered by it, so just let the go.

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Looks choose the display it is ~ above will begin at 11:30. Will store you posted.

I expect someone records it. Ns cant watch it vin Georgia😭

It looks choose they write-up full illustration after lock air:, though ns hope the one with Ayad Akhtar actually aired ~ above 1/14, and not 1/24 as it says, due to the fact that that would certainly be in the future…


A Broadway actress I favor was top top this show. It’ll display up ~ above YouTube too, don’t know how quickly.And too ~ god, gain yourself part No-Doze before the interview cause this interviewer is for this reason monotone the will put you to sleep.

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Meryl 1/17

youcansayimadaydreamer jmeridith dizzycat2000

Welp, now won’t it is in a boring day in the fandom ns see!

This can be my new favorite photo of them.

I agree! i feel like it’s so telling, they’re so quiet & security of your relationship, but then BAM, lock share personal pics that the 2 of them as soon as it move them. They execute that therefore sparingly, i think it’s meaningful and also deeply sweet.

Look at your stupid, lover faces. Looooooooooooook.

I understand IT!! Knuckleheads.

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“stupid, lover faces” hahahahahaha, i love that!

These motherfuckers, i tell you. Just kill me v feelings why don’t they.