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What is wrong with being certain of yourself? I’ve invested my whole life talking shit about myself. The way I look, my body, my weight, my intellect, why I suck at team sports, etc. This year I made a decision to soptimal that shit and although there’s a long road ahead of me bereason my self esteem is in shambles and I never before believe I’m good sufficient for anyone or anypoint, I carry out think that I am making progression. I post a snapshot of myself eexceptionally week on my facebook basically with the caption “I am beautiful”. That doesn’t make me cocky although others may perceive it that method. That’s their difficulty. I am doing it to make certain I don’t ever before think of myself the means I offered to and also that’s the same point Rumer, a woguy that has been torn down by the public and the service for her looks and talent since she was a son, is doing appropriate now.

Team Rumer Willis!

To the human being agreeing with this secret… Remember that for years, fucking YEARS, Rumer Willis was called “Potato Head” by Perez Hilton. On his website, which at one time was read by countless world a day. It was bullying of the highest order, also worse bereason for many kind of of those years that slimesphere spent calling her that, she was a minor. So he was bullying a boy, basically.That she came with it relatively undamaged, and also with a healthy and balanced mindset about herself, is beautiful. What you contact cocky, I speak to refreshing.

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I’m having a real concern through human being basically slut-shaming Maks for his revelation the other day. And if you think it’s not, well…

I shed my virginity at… Let’s just say younger than that. Naturally, because high school boys can’t keep their mouths shut, it was everywhere the college by the following afternoon. I acquired dubbed a slut, whore, tramp… eextremely word you can think of.

Even now, if I go on a day, that question comes up, and also I deserve to feel the judgement.

Just like y"all are judging Maks now.

It’s unnecessary, and also really kinda gross. Clbeforehand, he is unbothered by it, so just let it go.

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Looks prefer the show it is on will certainly start at 11:30. Will store you posted.

I hope someone records it. I cant watch it vin Georgia😭

It looks choose they article complete episodes after they air:, though I hope the one via Ayad Akhtar actually aired on 1/14, and not 1/24 as it says, because that would be in the future…


A Broadmethod actress I prefer was on this display. It’ll display up on YouTube also, don’t understand exactly how easily.And dear god, get yourself some No-Doze prior to the intercheck out reason this interviewer is so monotone he will put you to sleep.

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Meryl 1/17

youcansayimadaydreamer jmeridith dizzycat2000

Welp, now won’t be a boring day in the fandom I see!

This might be my new favorite photo of them.

I agree! I feel choose it’s so telling, they’re so quiet & protective of their connection, yet then BAM, they share individual pics of the two of them once it moves them. They do that so sparingly, I think it’s systematic and deeply sweet.

Look at their stupid, adorable encounters. Looooooooooooook.

I KNOW IT!! Knuckleheads.

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“stupid, adorable faces” hahahahahaha, I love that!

These motherfuckers, I tell you. Just kill me through feelings why don’t they.