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Big Mouth

The an initial boss, Big Mouth, is Level 43 – it’s a gigantic T-Rex monster through a substantial mouth and also a side-mounted minigun that deserve to wipe you out very quickly there is no the ideal equipment. Not even grenades can put a dent in this thing. Post-game bosses space a true challenge, and you’ll want to complete an ext Base Defenses and other side-quests to increase your level. Co-op scavenger missions are very important for collecting Kuban energy.

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To make this incredibly difficult boss easier, use the Scout’s invisibility ability. Hide behind the fence entrance right into the damages arena — the large Mouth can’t follow you.

Bring a an effective shotgun, hefty arrows, C4, turrets, grenades and also molotovs. When your invisibility drains, run and also hide. Wait because that it come come back, then rinse and also repeat. That’s the easiest course to a large Mouth victory.


The second boss, Frostbite, is Level 50 and only shows up after beating Big Mouth. Rather of a T-Rex, frostbite is a strange flying octopus-like monster that’s actually quite a bit easier than the big Mouth monster. As soon as again, you deserve to use the scout invisibility to clean the arena the wanderers — then target the weakpoint with a Sniper Rifle.

When statue glows orange, shoot the spot with a an effective Sniper Rifle. Hit that spot twice to stagger Frostbite, knocking that onto the ground and stunning it.

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While frostbite is stunned, rush close and also unload her shotgun right into the glow orange weak point. Save shooting until it recovers — rinse and repeat to lug Frostbite down for good.

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