The coach will count on an experienced El Tri next to take on La Roja, though he's additionally giving the Monterrey midfielder his an initial international minutes

Hirving Lozano and also Raul Jimenez title the first starting lineup because that Mexico coach Gerardo "Tata" Martino, yet the coach also has handed an El Tri debut come Monterrey midfielder Carlos Rodriguez.

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The Argentine manager is making his Mexico debut in a familiar match versus Chile. In his first-ever lineup, he"s opted to deploy an knowledgeable side with eight civilization Cup veterans consisted of in the side.

Rodriguez has had actually a breakout tournament v Diego Alonso"s Monterrey side, capturing Martino"s eye and earning his first-ever call-up. The good work has continued in training, through Rodriguez set to do his Mexico debut indigenous the opening whistle Friday.

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Rodolfo Pizarro, that will heat up ~ above the right wing but additionally tuck inside, and right earlier Luis "Chaka" Rodriguez space the only other players who don"t have world Cup experience.

Veteran 2175forals.comkeeper billy Ochoa it s okay the begin for Mexico through a center-back pairing the Tigres defender Carlos Salcedo and Real Sociedad guy Hector Moreno in prior of him. To their left is Monterrey"s Jesus Gallardo.

Carlos Rodriguez will certainly have great company in midfield through veteran Andres Guardado play as the other interior midfielder and Edson Alvarez working in between them.

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Chile manager Reinaldo Rueda counters through a strong XI together well, v Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal included despite visa worries delaying his arrival in the United says until earlier this week. Liga MX-based front Nicolas Castillo leads the line through veteran Gary Medel captaining the team.

Mex XI

Mexico beginning XI: Ochoa; L. Rodriguez, Salcedo, Moreno, Gallardo; C. Rodriguez, Alvarez, Guardado; Pizarro, Jimenez, Lozano

Chile starting XI:Arias; Isla, Medel, Maripan, Mena; Aranguiz, Pulgar, Vidal, Hernandez; Morales, Castillo