Actions speak louder than words, but unfortunately because that Mike top top tonight’s Real World episode, no did him any kind of favors.

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After a bit of a unstable outing ~ above Bad Blood (he wound up in a blowup argument with Robbie just days after moving in), Mike managed to discover his footing in Seattle, and his housemates at some point grew to adore him. However Mike’s progress hit a brick wall when fellow cast members began to flourish wary that the conversational liberties the took through his black color housemates. Mike routinely supplied the N-word without much thought, and also while Theo and also Kassius both cut him some slack due to the fact that they felt sure Mike wasn’t sincerely racist, castle admitted hearing words come indigenous a white male made lock uncomfortable. Typically, they both admitted, hearing a white guy use the term was grounds for dismissal.


But the home couldn’t revolve a remote eye to one specifically troubling conversation Mike had actually with Jordan one night while walking to the bar. If arm-in-arm with Jordan, Mike made a comment about Jordan’s “bangs,” and when she insisted black men loved her baby hairs (she made sure to exactly his hair label), that attempted a joke: the Jordan and her dates of color could bond while rubbing coconut oil on every other’s “ashy skin.” Needless come say, Jordan didn’t take kindly to the remark, and though she and Mike had effectively end up being a couple, she unexpectedly felt distant from him and also sought advice and perspective native her other housemates the color.

“I recognize that’s not how he actually feels, yet that doesn’t make it okay,” Jordan said. And also her longtime frienemy Orlana echoed the sentiment.

“People space forgetting the the N-word is not just slang,” Orlana insisted. “It’s a derogatory term.”

Sensing his fellow housemates were upset, Mike receded right into a funk while out (he went together far regarding punch a bathroom wall surface while peeing), and when the group lastly returned come the house, Mike reduced his losses, packed up his stuff and moved out. There was no correcting his actions, the said, and also he suggested that if he stayed, he’d just be inviting a racist label.


“I feel really ignorant. I feel really stupid. So in ~ this point, I simply wanna acquire out,” the said.

Kassius, who’d just heard about pieces of Mike’s conversation v Jordan, urged Mike to continue to be — that is, till he got the complete story. At the point, Kassius said he was glad Mike left.

“You can not say you’re not racist and also them say some sh*t like that,” the said. “You’re disrespecting much more than half of the cast.”

Still, Theo remained persuaded Mike was great at heart and should have actually stuck points out to reach some kind of resolution.

“I yes, really don’t think Mike is racialism -- i don’t obtain a racist vibe native him at all,” that said.

Finally, Robbie stated that without attempting to explain his behavior, Mike was actually implicitly vilifying himself.

“If that leaves, it’s just kind of like: "This is what we know, and this is what we’re gonna believe" — he never ever really stood here to tell us what really happened,” he said.

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What do you think — was it clever of Mike to cut his losses and also depart once he did, or go he execute himself and his housemates a disservice by leaving, and also did he fan them one explanation? Share her thoughts and tune in to a brand-new Real World following Wednesday in ~ 10/9c.