The 86th MLB All-Star game is Tuesday night top top Fox, however there are a couple of days precious of events in and around good American Ballpark in Cincinnati that space worth keeping track of.

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The bulk of the baseball human being descends upon Cincinnati because that the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, which takes ar on Tuesday night at an excellent American Ballpark. However there are numerous days worth of events in the Queen City neighboring the game, part as at an early stage as Saturday.

Here is a look in ~ the schedule for All-Star video game Week in Cincinnati.

All time Eastern


9 a.m.-8 p.m.: All-Star FanFest takes location all day, and also is celebrate the 25th anniversary that the World series champion 1990 Reds team. This is more an occasion for the civilization in Cincinnati together opposed come those watching on television or online.

8-10 p.m.: The All-Star concert, which was going to feature Ariana Grande till she to be sidelined by health issues. Now, Demi Lovato will headline the event, performing her new single \"Cool for The Summer.\"


3 p.m.: MLB Futures Game, i m sorry will feature dueling rosters of peak prospects, the U.S. Team vs. The world Team, the latter with football player from seven various countries. (MLB Network)


1-1:30 p.m.: All-Star push conference. (Fox sports 1)

1:45-2:30 p.m.: National organization media availability. This is usually as soon as the beginning pitchers and/or lineups room introduced. (Fox sporting activities 1)

2:45-3:15 p.m.: home Run Derby push conference. (Fox sporting activities 1)

3:30-4:15 p.m.

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: American league media availability. (Fox sporting activities 1)

8 p.m.: home Run Derby, with eight contestants in a new single-elimination bracket layout for three rounds, with 5 minutes worth of swings in every round. There are bonuses because that hitting the ball far (60 extra secs for a pair of 420-foot homers, 30 secs for a 475-foot shot). The occasion features veterans Albert Pujols and two-time residence Run Derby winner Prince Fielder, and also features a pair of rookies in Kris Bryant and also Joc Pederson. (ESPN)


1-2 p.m.: All-Star red carpet show, with each player showing up in awards-show fashion because that the gala event. The sponsor is Chevrolet, so mean their dare to be the ones transporting the players with the roadways of Cincinnati to an excellent American Ballpark. (MLB Network)

6-7 p.m.: MLB Whiparound, a preview show with hold Kevin Burkhardt joined by open minded Thomas and Pete Rose. (Fox sporting activities 1)

7 p.m.: All-Star pregame show. (FOX)

7:30 p.m.: The 86th MLB All-Star Game. Finally, the midsummer standard itself arrives, start with the pomp and also circumstance that the pregame ceremonies and also All-Star player introductions, always one that the best parts the the night. Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds and also Tom Verducci will contact the game. (FOX)