1. Operations supervisors are responsible for assessing customer desires and also requirements and also selling and cultivating the organization"s products or services.

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FALSEOperation managers are not responsible for cultivating goods/solutions.2. Often, the cumulative success or faitempt of companies" operations functions will certainly impact the capability of a nation to contend with other countries.TRUEA country is often only as competitive as its suppliers.3. Companies are either producing goods or transferring services. This means that just one of the two types of operations management methods are supplied.FALSEMost units involve a blfinish of products and also solutions.4. Operations, marketing, and also finance feature individually of each other in many organizations.FALSEOperations, marketing and finance are normally dependent upon one another.5. The greater the degree of customer involvement, the even more challenging the style and also management of operations.TRUEGreater customer involvement leads to more intricacy in the style and management of operations.6. Goods creating organizations are not connected in business tasks.FALSEMany units involve a blfinish of goods and solutions.7. Service operations require extra inventory because of the unpredictability of customer demand.FALSEService operations cannot use inventory as a hedge against unpredictable demand also.8. The value of outputs is measured by the prices customers are willing to pay for goods or solutions.TRUECustomers" willingness to pay for items or services sets the value of these outputs.9. The usage of models will certainly guarantee the ideal possible decisions.FALSEModels are advantageous, but their use does not guarantee the ideal decisions.10. People who work-related in the area of operations have to have abilities that encompass both understanding and people abilities.TRUEOperations administration calls for a blfinish of expertise and human being abilities.11. Assembly lines achieved productivity yet at the price of traditional of living.FALSEProductivity and typical of living go hand in hand also.12. The operations manager has actually major obligation for making operations mechanism style decisions, such as mechanism capacity and location of facilities.FALSEThe operations manager plays a duty in these decisions but is not generally responsible for them.13. Words "technology" is used only to refer to "information technology".FALSETechnology additionally describes the modern technology affiliated in reresource revolutions.14. ‘Value added" by interpretation is always a positive number given that "added" implies increases.FALSESome revolutions bring about the output being worth much less than the inputs.15. Service often needs greater labor content, whereas manufacturing is even more capital intensive.TRUEService operations tend to be even more labor-extensive than production.16. Measurement of performance in business is even more straightforward than in manufacturing because it is not important to take into account the cost of products.FALSEMaterials cost have to be considered in solutions also.17. Special-purpose technology is a common way of supplying increased customization in production or services without taking on extra labor expenses.FALSESpecial-objective innovation generally reduces expenses with standardization.18. One problem in the design of manufacturing units is the level of standardization.TRUEHow standardized outputs will certainly be is an important consideration in the system design question.19. Most people enrespond to operations just in profit-making organizations.FALSEOperations are likewise appropriate to not-for-profit establishments such as the Red Cross.20. Service entails a much better degree of customer contact than production.

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TRUECustomer call tends to be a lot higher in solutions.