The many Royal Candidate Theory: every united state Presidential election has been winner by the candidate through the closest ties come European royal bloodlines- let's discuss!

Now the the choice is over (right?), I thought it was the perfect time to discover “The most Royal Candidate Theory.” The premise argues that every united state Presidential election has been winner by the candidate through the the next ties to European royal bloodlines. That wild how accurate it is. So to fill up her favorite goblet, relax in your throne, and let’s take it a Nibble, chandelier we?

Democracy? Haha, great one, Peasant!

The most Royal Candidate Theory cases that european monarchies have secretly been to run the US. And by so often putting up candidates on both the Democratic and also Republican side of the election, they aid guarantee the imperial line proceeds no matter what the electron result.

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Harold Brooks-Baker, a self-proclaimed family tree expert, very first proposed the theory. He cited instances whereby the shedding candidate had actually no imperial blood (like Walter Mondale who shed to Ronald Reagan), or much more often, whereby the win candidate simply had actually a higher percentage of royal blood than the losing candidate (such as john F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon).

His imperial candidate theory has only to be wrong once - bush v Kerry in 2004. And since they room technically cousins, it was most likely a coin flip choice.

You know what they speak to the united state President in France? A royale v decrees

Let’s dive into the genealogy a bit. All 45 U.S. Presidents have brought European imperial bloodlines right into office. Yeah, you review that right! Sure, it’s sometimes far-off cousins, however still, kind of nuts!

Of the 45 come date, 34 Presidents have been hereditary descendants native Charlemagne, the eighth century King that the Franks. And 19 space descended native King Edward III of England. (Yes, 34 + 19 is more than 45. Relax, some are regarded both.)

Haters corny through that Illuminati mess...

By branching the end far sufficient on the Presidential family members tree, there is evidence that all 45 presidents are likewise related to each other.

This genealogical connection is frequently referred to together the 13th Illuminati bloodline, the Merovingian line, and/or the Windsor-Bush bloodline. In fact, the goes past Presidents too, as numerous of the uber wealthy and also famous space distantly connected.

It’s these relationships that reason some theorists to case the royal Candidate concept is part of a enlarge Illuminati conspiracy, quite than just European monarchies keeping manage over a power in the west. (But the Illuminati is a Nibble all on its own, for this reason we’ll conserve that for later.)

We’re all royal if you try hard enough

So, it’s essential to talk around the reasonable explanations. First, our guy Brooks-Baker isn’t the many “reliable” source. The daily Telegraph said in his obituary that, "is good advantage for journalists was the he to be always available to do an arresting comment; his disadvantage was the he was regularly wrong.” ns mean, anyone who a “self-proclaimed expert” is at least slightly suspect.

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And, there’s mathematics to consider. In 1999, the Yale statistician Joseph Chang confirmed that if girlfriend go ago far 32 generations (or ~900 years), you’ll discover that everyone alive today shares a typical ancestor. In Europe, whereby lineages have actually been very closely studied, that ancestor was someone who lived just 600 year ago. So you can start telling people you’re pertained to Napoleon if friend want.

Get diving!

There aren’t also many publications or podcasts on this one which is more than likely telling. But here’s a great podcast about the Illuminati!

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