MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's 'Graveyard Shift' Album To function Guest appearance By KORN Singer

March 3, 20170Comments


Roadrunner recording group MOTIONLESS IN WHITE has unveiled its brand-new single, "Loud (F*ck It)", i beg your pardon is bring away from their anticipated label debut album, "Graveyard Shift". The track, which debuted on SiriusXM Octane, is streaming currently accompanied through an main music video.

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"Graveyard Shift" is easily accessible for pre-order this day at all DSPs and, v all pre-orders receiving an instant grat download that the new single, "Loud (F*ck It)", as well as the powerful previously released monitor "570" and also "Eternally Yours". "Graveyard Shift""s to mark artwork was selected from over 2 thousand dispute entries from fans and also designers in partnership through Creative Allies. The contest"s winner, Crystal Johnson, created the album"s cover and also other aspects in the album package. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will certainly celebrate "Graveyard Shift" with virtually non-stop touring, start with a lead support slot ~ above Atlantic recording group IN THIS MOMENT"s upcoming "Half God half Devil Tour". The dates start Friday, April 7 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin"s Eagles Ballroom and also then proceed through mid-May.

Founded in 2005, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE has actually won over audiences worldwide with their aggressive music and arresting imagery. The tape – at this time comprising lead singer Chris Motionless, guitarists Ryan Sitkowski and also Ricky Horror, bassist Devin "Ghost" Sola and also drummer Vinny Mauro – has actually proven a ferocious and inventive live act, earning an increasingly fervent fan complying with via countless headline shows, festival sets, and also tours alongside together iconic acts together SLIPKNOT, KORN and BREAKING BENJAMIN.

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"Graveyard Shift" monitor listing: 01. Rats02. Queen for Queen03. Crucial Evil (feat. Jonathan Davis)04. Soft05. Untouchable06. Not My Type: Dead as F*ck 207. The Ladder08. Voices09. According to (F*ck It)10. 57011. Hourglass12. Eternally Yours


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