More and an ext films space being released whereby the key character has actually a disability. In ~ the last te we have uncovered several movies that not only make culture aware that the reality of living v a disability however films that have actually been successful in their very own right, being regarded world large and winning awards.

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The Intouchables (2011)

This movie is around the relationship between two entirely opposite personalities who room from very different backgrounds. Driss, a young guy from Senegal stays in a working-class neighborhood in Paris, through a criminal record. Driss is cheeky, funny and impulsive. Phillippe, is a well-off quadriplegic that is older, educated, not really spontaneous, and looking for a personal assistant.

Wonder (2017)

Auggie Pullman is a boy that was born through Treacher Collins Syndrome ( a face deformity). After never ever leaving his house for ten years, he has to attend college for the first time, wherein he will try his finest to fit in with the remainder of his classmates.

My Left Foot (1989)

This movie is about the inspiring life the Christy Brown ( Daniel Day-Lewis), an ireland painter, poet and also writer suffering from cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. Born come a negative family and with the support of his mother, Bridget ( Brenda Fricker), a teacher, he breaks down the barriers that avoid him from integrating into culture by using just his left foot to write and also paint. 

The theory of whatever (2014)

During the 60’s, Cambridge college student and future physicist Stepehn Hawking fell in love with his partner, mrs Wilde. Regardless of being diagnosed with a destructive disease, he and Jane break new scientific ground.

Me before You (2016)

Louise Clark is a happy and also crazy girl who goes native one project to another to assist support her family. Everything changes when she begins to work as a caregiver because that a young millionaire, that was left quadriplegic ~ an accident. The an ext time they invest together, the more they develop a bond.

I am Sam (2001)

A mrs abandons her daughter the very same day she is born, leaving she in the hand of her father, Sam Dawson, who is intellectually disabled. The film complies with the challenges that the father and also daughter need to face. The state concerns Sam’s capacity to education his daughter and also so encounters a lawsuit that could cause him to lose custody.

Soul Surfer (2011)

Soul Surfer is the motivating true story of teen surfer, Bethany Hamilton, who lost an eight in a shark attack. She bravely overcomes this obstacle and with determination and also unwavering faith, competes to become a champion once again.

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The Sea within (2004)

Ramón Sampedro has actually been a quadriplegic because he to be 25 year old. ~ an accident, the former sailor is left bedridden. In ~ this point, life does not seem worth living come him and Ramón wants to die. The idea of aided suicide divides members of his family and also society. Ramón’s deep and beautiful city convinces his friends the euthanasia is his only hope. 

Murderball (2005)

A documentary around competitive sport; Wheelchair Rugby AKA Murderball. In spite of their disabilities (mostly spinal cord injuries), the film shows exactly how tough and highly competitive these wheelchair athletes have the right to be. 

Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) has had an intellectual and physical disability since he was a child. In spite of this, thanks to his tenacity and good heart, he is the protagonist of many an important events over several decades. While the goes v a multitude of points in his life, the beautiful Jenny (Robin Wright) is constantly present, his childhood sweetheart, who together with his mom will it is in the most vital person in his life.

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