ABOUT my ANNOYING brothers (2019)

My Annoying brothers is a 2016 korean comedy series starring Jo Jung-suk, execute Kyung-soo, and Park Shin-hye. The film to be released in Korea by CJ to chat on November 23, 2016. The film has actually topped the regional box office and reached more than one million views within 4 days that its release. The film hit 3 million see in mid-December, and was released in Japan on might 19, 2017.

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Go Doo-young (Do Kyung-soo) is a an extremely promising national Judo athlete who has lost his sight permanently because of a collision during a competition. His half-brother, walk Doo-shik (Jo Jung-suk), who remained in prison, took advantage of this, making use of the excuse of wanting come take treatment of his younger brother to obtain parole sooner. When Doo-shik"s mother passed away, his father married a brand-new wife and gave bear to Doo-young. Regardless of being treated fine by the stepmother, however when the neighbors reveal that the stepmother is the midwife that took treatment of her mommy before, Doo-shik can not accept and also runs away. When Doo-young to be 18 year old, his parents died in one accident.

Doo-shik comes house from prison while Doo-young is tho unstable and accepts the remote misfortune. Doo-young locks it s her in a room, yet Doo-shik doesn"t really care around her brother. Doo-young himself is likewise annoyed with the illustration of his brother, therefore he once dubbed the support center. Doo-shik is currently afraid of being taken back to prison and behaves better.

Lee Soo-hyun (Park Shin-hye) is Doo-young"s coach, she constantly cares about him and also encourages that to proceed practicing Judo to take part in the Paralympic, but Doo-young always refuses. When taking treatment of she brother, Doo-shik and me obtain closer and closer. Doo-shik help his brother adjust his dress, go out to eat, shop. At this moment, Doo-shik discovers he has actually cancer and also has just three months to live. That encouraged and even urged his brother to go back to practicing Judo. Doo-shik himself repaired the house, to buy food reserves, prepared every little thing so the by the time he left, no one would take care of his brother.

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By the time Doo-young goes come Brazil because that competition has come, Doo-shik lie saying the he was going to work in Busan. During his time in Brazil, Doo-young regularly calls him, in spite of struggling through the pain, Doo-shik quiet tries to be regular on the phone. Doo-young takes benefit of the final, but before the finals, the is nervous and scared due to the fact that he is tho haunted through the vault accident. Soo-hyun revealed the his brother is sick, hoping he will carry out his best. Doo-young knows the it is painful, desires to go back to Korea right away however is urged by Soo-hyun, he stays to play. In ~ the start of the match, the didn"t pat well, yet remembering the memory of his brother gave him strength to do excellently and to victory the gold medal. On the other hand in Korea, in the hospital, Doo-shik additionally watches his brother"s match through his laptop. At the finish of the film, Doo-shik dies, Doo-young lives stronger and an ext independent.