This new category that we have for friend is with the characters from the animated serie my Life together A Teenage Robot ,a group in which we will certainly make sure to sell you all the existing virtual games, new games in which you will have actually a lot of fun playing through your favourite characters.

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The governmental team of has chose to sell you a brand-new and beautiful online category, besides all the others the we currently have and that is only since we desire you to have new games with new characters. We desire to provide you as many games as you would like, every one of them through your favourite characters. Slowly our number of categories increases and also in this method the variety of our new games will certainly increase too , even an ext that the variety of categories and also that is only because we want you come enjoy much more and more spending the time with us. Day-to-day we market you the ideal online games and for that we require all these brand-new categories, and you can discover them conveniently on our website. This new category that we have for friend is with the characters from the man serie my Life as A Teenage Robot ,a group in i beg your pardon we will make sure to sell you every the existing virtual games, brand-new games in which friend will have a most fun playing through your favourite characters. The series follows the adventures of a 16-year-old robot girl referred to as Jenny Wakeman additionally known as XJ-9, who was developed by her mom Dr. Nora Wakeman, a scientific research genyus woman. Jenny to be designed to defend Earth, however really desires to perform teenage stuff and not conserve the world, also if ultimately she saves the day when planet is in danger. Jenny"s friends room her next-door next-door neighbors Brad and also Tuck Carbuckle, 2 boys that are constantly spending your time playing and having fun with her. Brad is outgoing and also adventurous, and is the very first actual girlfriend Jenny makes, while Tuck is Brad"s rambunctious younger brothers who typically goes top top adventures uninvited. An additional one of her friends is Sheldon Lee, a somewhat stereotypical nerd who is infatuated v her even if he knows the she is a robot. Designed together a crime-fighting robot, Jenny is equipped v much progressed weaponry within her body and possesses super strength and speed. Thanks to having actually high synthetic Intelligence , Jenny"s personality is that of an eager young teenager, one that desires a feeling of freedom, but also wants accept from the human being surrounding her. She usually possesses a type personality and likes noþeles pertaining to teenage activities, yet hates it once her mommy or she duties gain in her method of her enjoyment, and also that she has to leave her girlfriend in order to conserve the world. Also if she go not prefer to do on conserving mission, she feels very great every time she conserves the Earth.

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Unfortunately, she is easily trusting of rather and, together a result, have the right to be fairly naïve. In this brand-new category the we have the satisfied to offer to you, you space invited to join us and also play all the games that we have to offer particularly for you!