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This is the official ar to talk about S6E13: "Stranger 보다 Fan Fiction"! any kind of serious conversation related come the illustration goes in here. 'Low effort' comments may be removed! have actually fun!

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Moral the the story: If who hates everything after season 2, carry them come Equestria come see exactly how flanderized everyone is and also how every little thing that happens is predictable low hanging schlock because that children. and whenever they walk by Derpy or Vinyl they should shout "PANDERING!".

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"I DIDN'T favor THIS episode SO OBVIOUSLY anyone IS now A FLANDERISED mar SUE that HOLDS THE IDIOT ball ALL THE TIME and also ACTS the end OF CHARACTER due to the fact that THE WRITERS room LAZY and PANDER to THE fans IF castle DON'T compose WHAT i WANT."

Twilight didn't earn her wings. What is she even the princess of? Right? entirely jumped the shark. <