Seachild 3 Episode 22 - See You in September?

In the series grand finale, Joey"s girlfrifinish Sarah wants to acquire married.. via an additional man. Joey stops the wedding and also gets back together with Sarah, and is faced through a hard alternative. Move to San Francisco, or stay through Nicole in New York. Air Date : 30th-Apr-1990

Seakid 3 Episode 1 - That"s No Lady, That"s My Mother

Michael is out dating again; but this time, he finds himself dating Nicole"s boyfriend"s mother! Hilarity at it"s best! Air Date : 24th-Sep-1989Read More

Season 3 Episode 2 - Say Goodnight, Gracie

Joey decides to be consideprice and also watch his girlfriends baby Gracie. It decides to be even more then the 2 males deserve to handle, as the baby ends up staying all night; distrupting Michael"s occupational, and waking up dear Judge Wilbur in the procedure. Air Date : 1st-Oct-1989Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 3 - Love and also Learn

Nicole is dating a slightly older guy. When the guys hear about this, they forbid her to see him. She sneaks out to see him. They follow her and also uncover her acquiring her heart broken. Air Date : 15th-Oct-1989Read More

Season 3 Episode 4 - You Can Count on Me

Shelby is dating a guy whom Nicole states is a creep. But Shelby ignores her. So to prove it to her, Nicole goes on a twin date with them and also the guy"s friend. And sure enough his true self comes out however Shelby finds it tough to accept. Air Date : 22nd-Oct-1989Read More

Season 3 Episode 5 - Joey Gets Pinned

Joey holds a bachelor party for a friend at his location. He ends up meeting a lady friend; a wrestler, and then ends up... marrying her? How will certainly he obtain out of this one? You have to check out it to believe it. Air Date : 29th-Oct-1989Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 6 - Story in Advancement

Nicole becomes depressed as she wants to wishes to an adult. Her dads try to cheer her up and also make her view the benefits of being a teenager. Air Date : 1st-Nov-1989Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 7 - Duel

It"s the homecoming dance at Nicole"s college. And the teacher in charge goes to view Joey and also Michael to see if they have actually any type of suggestions. They"re both taken via her and also they come up through a girls asking out the boys. And Nicole finds herself in a delicate position cause this wbelow she decides if she desires to be through Cory or Zach. And once she makes her alternative, someone else asks him out. Air Date : 5th-Nov-1989Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 8 - Dad Patrol

After being burgalarized Joey and also Michael develop their very own watch routine so Nicole will certainly safe. But it"s Michael who"s feeling apprehensive and leads to being trapped on the roof. Air Date : 8th-Nov-1989Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 9 - Pop, the Inquiry

Michael and Joey"s parenting formats proceed to clash so they decide submit to a DNA test. They agree that whoever before is not the organic father will action aside. While waiting for the outcomes they learn something even more important. Air Date : 15th-Nov-1989Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 10 - Thanks for the Memories

Joey and also Michael are trapped in an elevator leading them to recall interesting moments of the last several years. Nicole, Margaret, and also Shelby have trouble holding off eating dinner until the males are freed. Air Date : 22nd-Nov-1989Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 11 - Class

Joey learns about an opening for an art teacher but he lacks the college degree forced. He returns to institution however discovers his instructor is Mr. Kelcher who he clashed through in the previous. Air Date : 29th-Nov-1989Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 12 - I"m Dreaming of a Holiday Episode

It"s the holidays, and also Joey is dreaming of what holidays and life would be like if they were older; a lot older. Air Date : 20th-Dec-1989Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 13 - Power Struggle

Frustrated by exactly how much time Nicole is spfinishing via Zach -- and by the fact they seem to be invisible when the two are together -- Michael and Joey declare that she need to day someone else for awhile. Air Date : 10th-Jan-1990Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 14 - Bye Bye Baby

Joey is stunned as soon as he learns that his girlfrifinish Sarah, and also her baby Gracie are both moving amethod to San Francisco. Air Date : 21st-Jan-1990Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 15 - Environ-mental Case

Joey gets thrvery own in jail for eco-friendly protests, when Michael, .. and also Judge Wilbur need to bail him out. Air Date : 5th-Mar-1990Read More

Season 3 Episode 16 - Party, Sweet 16--See Appendix

Nicole"s sweet sixteenager party gets cancelled because of... appendicitis? Air Date : 12th-Mar-1990Read More

Season 3 Episode 17 - It"s My Art, and also I"ll Die If I Want To

Joey ultimately gets himself in the paper.. in the obituary section? Joey Marris"s obituary, printed as Joey Harris, finally shows up in the paper as dead; leaving art galleries calling to Joey for tons of money for his artwork-related, and pretfinishing that he is dead. Air Date : 19th-Mar-1990Read More

Season 3 Episode 18 - To Thine Own Elf Be True

Joey"s old high school flame comes ago to New York, and also gets attracted to Michael. Air Date : 26th-Mar-1990Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 19 - You Only Surpincrease the Ones You Love

When Judge Wilbur"s going to be honored, Joey, Michael, and also Nicole think that it would nice for some her friends and household were tright here. Only problem is that they do not recognize any of her friends and also family and also if she has actually any type of. So they carry out a tiny snooping around and find some of her things that were covert and in it is a snapshot of her and someone named Louis and they assumed he was a frifinish so they invite him. Only point he came under the assumption that they told her that he was and as soon as they fulfill, Judge Wilbur"s not happy to watch him. They (Joey, Michael, and also Nicole) learn that he"s her ex-husband also. It appears that years back she assumed her career was more vital, so they went their sepaprice ways. They arrange for her and Louis to be alone together, and also they make tranquility. Air Date : 2nd-Apr-1990Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 20 - Kind of a Drag

Nicole learns she"s not thought about part of the in crowd and considers too much measures to adjust her status. Joey"s girlfriend will not accept their breakup so he makes up a brand-new romance. Air Date : 16th-Apr-1990Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 21 - When You Wish ...

Nicole enters a Rock TV music channel contest in which Nicole wins and also gets to go on a musical dream date of her choice... and also her dads gain to live out their own fantasies in the process. Michael playing the piano live in front of a national TV audience, and also Joey playing basketball.. via Dr. J?Special Guest Stars ------------------- Dr. Julius Erving as himself Bobby Rydell as himself Air Date : 23rd-Apr-1990Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 22 - See You in September?

In the series grand finale, Joey"s girlfriend Sarah desires to get married.. through an additional guy. Joey stops the wedding and also gets earlier together with Sarah, and is challenged with a tough choice. Move to San Francisco, or remain via Nicole in New York. Air Date : 30th-Apr-1990Read More

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