“‘Taint Logan Killicks Ah wants you to have, baby, the protection. Ah ain’t getting’ ole, honey. Ah’m excellent ole. One mornin’ soon, de point of view wid de knife is gointuh protect against by here.… Ah ast de Lawd as soon as you to be uh infant in mah arms to permit me stay here till you got grown…. Mah day-to-day prayer now is come let dese gold moments rolls on a few days longer til Ah see you safe in life.”
Nanny Crawford, Janie’s grandmother, tells Janie she is pertained to for her safety. She has dedicated her life come protecting Janie and also now to trust she go not have actually much time left. Nanny is Janie’s just parental figure. Janie, the result of she mother’s rape at period seventeen, was increased by Nanny as her mother was emotionally unable to carry out so. Nanny’s fear for Janie is for this reason understandable.

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“Ah knowed mah body wasn’t healed, however Ah couldn’t think about dat. In de black color dark Ah wrapped mah baby de finest Ah knowed how and made it to de swamp through de river. Ah knowed the ar was complete uh moccasins and other bitin’ snakes but Ah was much more skeered uh what was behind me.”

Nanny is mental the minute when, as a slave during the civil War, she feel she required to operation away, also though she had just provided birth to Janie’s mom a week earlier. ~ above seeing the Nanny’s infant was half white, the plantation owner’s enraged wife intimidated to provide Nanny a severe beating and also to sell the newborn away in a month. Nanny knew she had actually to run away or die trying.

“Ah can’t die straightforward thinkin’ probably de menfolks white or black is makin’ a spit cup outa you. Have actually some sympathy fuh me. Placed me down easy, Janie, Ah’m a cracked plate.”

In the beginning of the story, Nanny begs Janie to marry Logan Killicks. She knows Janie is reluctant, yet Nanny’s very first concern is Janie’s safety—specifically, her security from predatory men. Nanny defines that she can only remainder easy if Janie agrees to she wishes, appeal to Janie’s sympathy and also concern for she to gain what she wants. Janie provides in and also marries Logan.

below Nanny had actually taken the greatest thing God ever before made, the horizon—for no issue how far a person have the right to go the horizon is still means beyond you—and pinched it in to together a tiny bit of a point that she might tie it around her grandmother’s neck tight enough to choke her. She hated the old woman who had twisted she so in the name of love.

Janie reflects earlier with anger and regret top top the means Nanny’s fears and also concerns finished up limiting Janie’s opportunities. First, she married Logan, in who she was not interested at all. Then, she married Jody believing it to be a path to miscellaneous bigger. However, Janie now knows that her life v Jody will certainly be same limited. When younger, Janie wanted to view what was out there, beyond “the horizon,” yet she never got to.

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“She to be borned in slavery time once folks, documents is black folks, didn’t sit down any kind of time dey feel lak it. For this reason sittin’ top top porches lak de white madam looked lak uh mighty fine point tuh her. Dat’s whut she wanted for me—don’t keer whut it cost. Obtain up ~ above uh high chair and also sit dere. She didn’t have actually time tuh think whut tuh execute after you got up on the stool uh perform nothin’.”

Here, Janie defines to Pheoby whereby Nanny’s top priorities came from. In ~ this allude in her life, Janie appears to understand and also accept why, being able to “do nothin’” was the ultimate dream Nanny can have for her granddaughter. Since she never ever experienced that luxury herself, Nanny wouldn’t understand or treatment how a woman through nothing to execute would feel.

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