The 2016 All-Star uniforms regulate to be simple while likewise paying tribute to the hold city in clever ways.

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The NBA has tendency to experiment v its All-Star jerseys, i m sorry is not constantly a good idea. Fortunately, the countless viewers who will track in Sunday to clock the league"s best players fight will not be distracted through the uniforms. The design for the 2016 All-Star game is clean and Canada-inspired, through just sufficient details to salary tribute come the organize city, Toronto, there is no going overboard.

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The uniforms are white and blue because that the eastern conference and also white and also red for the west conference. Both the jerseys and the shorts screen a maple sheet enclosing a star, when the back of the jerseys function the Toronto skyline . Elements that evoke the Raptors are additionally present. There are black-and-gold jock tag that reference the team"s alternating team logo and a claw logo design in the shorts.

All those facets have to be seamlessly integrated, for this reason they don"t attract too much attention. It"s not typical for jerseys to it is in so referential come the city hosting the event, but due to the fact that it"s the an initial time the game will take it place outside of the U.S. The decision to go in that direction makes sense. In the end, the uniforms look at sleek without being bland. The league acquired it best this time.

Here space the east conference white-and-blue eastern conference uniforms.


And below are the west conference white-and-red uniforms.

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The game will be played in the waiting Canada center on Sunday, Feb. 13 in ~ 8:30 p.m. ET. TNT will certainly broadcast the event.

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