A brand new NBA Live 19 All-Star version of the game is now easily accessible for purchase. That comes v the come of the NBA All-Star game 2019 and surrounding occasions this main in Charlotte, north Carolina. With the brand-new edition that the game, also comes a brand new cover features All-Star players. The original cover athlete Joel Embiid is now joined through NBA Live 18 sheathe athlete James Harden.

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NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition: James Harden graces brand-new cover

Just recently, James Harden speak to NBA Live about how he’s boosted his video game on the court this season. In conjunction with that, he was voted to the All-Star team and also will play alongside a starting five that has Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and also LeBron James. Harden was recently on the court to test out some of the moves the NBA Creator difficulty players bring to the game, and also NBA Live shared the video clip clip of the event.


James Harden returns to the covering of #NBALIVE19 for #NBAAllstar execution pic.twitter.com/giYpRoPwNg

— EA sports NBA LIVE (
EASPORTSNBA) February 12, 2019

In the clip above, Harden studies the in-game an abilities from the miscellaneous off-court basketball stars. They incorporate “The Professor,” Tristan Jass, and also Filayyyy, that each present off distinctive layups or dribbling combos. In part instances, Harden jokes the those wouldn’t occupational in the yes, really NBA because of referee call or “seven footers” being in the lane.

NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition game details

The brand-new All-Star edition of the well-known basketball game now features special All-Star content v it. That contains five All-Star Team Packs, All-Star clothing to use on your produced player, and also Court battle Players to use in that mode of the game. There’s also other All-Star contents to unlock with All-Star Live occasions in the game. Those bring an ext rewards because that participating or winning particular events.

In addition, the game includes all of the various other content as previously included. Gamers who already have NBA Live 19 deserve to upgrade to get the All-Star edition content too.

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So because that gamers who have actually yet to acquisition a copy that NBA Live 19, this is the one to get. The All-Star edition is currently accessible for Sony’s game stations 4 or the Microsoft Xbox One at an amazingly short price that $5.99 each. Inspect out EA’s website for more information on the game and how to acquisition it.