NCIS: new Orleans season 4 episode 3 to be an hour that lugged many points to the table, but at the optimal of the list has to be shock and also awe.

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After all, there was most likely a point within Tuesday’s illustration that you thought that Eva to be dead in the middle of a violent shootout as she and Tammy go seemingly rogue to stop a case. However, this was simply one of many twisted stories in what was together a entirety a hell of a twisted episode. After ~ all, the begin of the illustration revolved approximately Eva gaining herself freed from prison in order to ensure that she might be that use. She was an asset, and also her expertise of her previous did prove invaluable.

Did anything go according come plan? not exactly, however this illustration did prove to be a an excellent testament to the relationship that is there v Tammy and Eva. Lock hadn’t watched each various other in a while and also there to be many personal revelations come share, including that Tammy and Percy were now living together. Yet, in the end, the large revelation was the Eva was going to gain a possibility to start somewhere new as a an outcome of her work-related in this case, albeit maybe with a different name. Will certainly we check out Cassidy Freeman on the display at some allude in the future? We perform hope so offered that we love the Eva character and likewise love her work on Longmire. It’s also good to have someone in the display tied to the Tammy character offered that she’s still an outsider come the remainder of the team — come the suggest where her residence is the whole basis that the nickname Pride offered her.

Before Eva go depart, she and also Tammy go share a kiss — maybe that’s the end, and also if the was, this to be a hell of one entertaining thrill ride because that these two characters that rotate violent in ~ times together you wonder a great deal once it comes to various allegiances.

What rather took place this week?

There to be a an excellent little moment that you had a chance to see between Percy and Lasalle this week, though it doesn’t carry out a entirety lot come resolve any type of of the concerns that have actually went on there from the finish of critical season. This was a quieter episode, meanwhile, for Agent Pride, i beg your pardon is probably okay just because we invested a ton that time v him the last pair of weeks consisting of the great “#1 Fan” last week.

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If friend love the Tammy Gregorio personality you more than likely loved this illustration — if not, probably you didn’t. As a fan of the character and also of Eva, this was a thoroughly entertaining hour that actually felt choose it blew by far more than the average NCIS: brand-new Orleans case.

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