NVRDC is a holistic victim services company empowering crime victim in the nation’s capital.NVRDC provides free and an extensive case management and legal services to victims of all species of crime regardless of income.

Legal Services.

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NVRDC offers advice and representation for victims the crime regarding criminal matters versus the person(s) who committed the crime against them. This includes assisting survivors of sexual assault with report to police, accompanying crime victims to grand jury proceedings, and also direct depiction of the crime victim in a criminal prosecution against the person(s) charged with commission that the crime.

In Civil protection Order (CPO) cases, we advise and also represent survivors of sex-related assault, intimate partner/domestic/dating violence, or stalking in DC premium Court.

For college and also university college student survivors of sex-related assault, domestic/intimate partner/dating violence, and also stalking, NVRDC supplies advice and representation concerning accommodations and also on-campus student misconduct procedures under laws such together Title IX and also the Clery Act.

Legal Clinics.

NVRDC additionally offers legitimate advice and referral clinics double a month for victims of all crime types that can attain advice and information concerning their legitimate issues.

NVRDC conducts monthly know Your rights presentations and clinics at local universities wherein volunteers aid present come students about their rights in the criminal and civil judicial solution in DC, as well as their civil liberties in university-based processes.

Case Management.

Ongoing case management will be detailed in stimulate to provide victims through a allude of call during their recovery process. Services they administer may include, yet are not limited to:

Safety planningCrime victims Compensation applications assistanceCriminal righteousness support and also court accompanimentInterpretation servicesResource information and also referrals

Crisis Intervention.

NVRDC manages the advocacy portion of the District’s Sexual attack Crisis solution Project (SACRP). With SACRP, any kind of person who has experienced sexual assault and would like to get a forensic (“SANE”) exam can receive help with free transportation come MedStar Washington Hospital facility where they will be met by a trained skilled advocate that is to work by NVRDC. The advocate provides support v the initial crisis phase and also the recovery process, including assistance with crime victims’ compensation, housing, entry into counseling, follow-up clinical care, and also legal services.

Any human who would like to with an advocate regarding questions or to obtain a forensic medical exam because that a sex-related assault, girlfriend can call 800-641-4028.

Therapeutic Services.

Currently, NVRDC co-facilitates support teams for victims of crime with the Wendt facility for Loss and also Healing. This groups provide a place for civilization to express the countless emotions associated with having been the victim of a crime in a safe, supportive, and also confidential environment.

How to acquire help.

If you room seeking legitimate or instance management services, speak to our office at 202-742-1727 between 9 to be to 5 pm, Monday with Friday in order to perform an intake interview with a member of our staff. You can likewise email info
nvrdc.org in order come ask who to call you directly.

If you want legal advice or information around how come report a crime and also the possible consequences of reporting, Network for Victim restore of DC (NVRDC) criminal victims’ civil liberties attorneys can assist you through the process.NVRDC provides two monthly Call-in Clinics ~ above the second Monday native 6 to8 pm and also the 4th Wednesday from 11 am to 1 afternoon every month in ~ 202-742-1727. At the clinic, you might receive quick advice about your rights, the criminal righteousness process, or start the process of attaining legitimate representation

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Who we Serve

Area(s) Statewide Cirumstances and languages in which interpreters space provided

Language line accessibility for phone calls or in-person appointments.

income Guidelines


Is this organization accessible by wheelchair?Yes go this organization provide accessibility for the hearing impaired?No Eligibility Restrictions

To be served, you must be a DC resides or victim that a crime that arisen in DC.

Type the Help

This group gives the following varieties of services based upon your legit needs and also its resources:Full legit RepresentationBrief AdvicePro Se legal ClinicSelf-Help MaterialsOther
description of Services

We provide case monitoring support and also direct legal representation for all victims that crime in criminal situations or with worries attendant to victimization.

We stand for Petitioners in civil Protective Order instances and carry out a weekly polite protective bespeak clinic to aid walk-in clients v their petitions.

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Case administration staff responds come 100% of patients who space admitted come the Washington Hospital facility for sexual assault or once the Sexual assault Nurse Examiner routine responds come the Washington Hospital facility to conduct a sexual assault examination.