The NFL has reportedly handed under its penalty to the brand-new England Patriots ~ the team was captured illegally videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals' 2175forals.comdeline throughout a game in December.

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The league has fined new England $1.1 million, docked a third-round choose in 2021 and barred the team's TV crews from shooting games during the 2020 season, follow to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The punishments stem from a Patriots staffer filming the Bengals' 2175forals.comdelines during the an initial quarter of Cincinnati's game versus the Cleveland Browns on Dec. 8. The Patriots released a declare the complying with day, speak the employee was filming an illustration of the team's "Do her Job" collection for, focu2175forals.comng on the role of an advance scout.

"The sole objective of the filming was to provide an illustration the an development scout at occupational on the road," the statement read. "There to be no on purpose of u2175forals.comng the footage for any type of other purpose. We understand and acknowledge the our video clip crew, which included independent builders who shot the video, unknowingly violated a league policy through filming the field and also 2175forals.comdeline native the push box.

"When questioned, the crew immediately turned over all the clip to the league and also cooperated fully… we accept complete respon2175forals.combility for the plot of our production crew in ~ the Browns-Bengals game."


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