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The first 17-game season in NFL history is well underway. And while there are still plenty of gamings ahead to judge exactly how we mental this season, we"ve currently seen huge changes in ours NFL strength rankings:

Following an additional exciting mainly of the 2021 NFL season, let"s dive into our latest power rankings.

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NFL strength rankings: Worst teams in NFL

32. Detroit Lions (Last Week: 31)

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One winless team remains. The Detroit Lions have come close to tasting the sweet champagne that is victory, however opposing kickers have actually prevented the from happening. Of course, none of the mattered in mainly 7 versus Cincinnati. Over there is an excellent news for Detroit, they are in pole place for the No. 1 pick. Sadly, the 2022 NFL draft isn"t the year for franchise quarterbacks. Check out you in 2022, Jared Goff.

31. New York jets (LW: 30)

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All points considered, the brand-new York jet can"t be too displeased through the results in 2021. Us knew this team is in the early on stages of a transition, lacing enough affect players top top both sides of the sphere to make a genuine difference. The bottom of NFL strength rankings is where new York belongs, but there is optimism in Robert Saleh and Zach Wilson.


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30. Miami dolphins (LW: 28)

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We"ll start with the great news because that the Miami Dolphins. In his return from hurt reserve, Tua Tagovailoa looked spicy (329 passing yards, 95.1 passer rating, two TDs) and also rookie Jaylen Waddle erupted with a large day in London. We now drop the various other shoe. The Dolphins shed to urban Meyer and it"s beyond apparent Miami has far an ext flaws 보다 anyone expected prior to the season.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 32)

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Matthew light is the hero in Jacksonville, a sentence we never expected come write. ~ bouncing roughly NFL exercise squads for two years, Wright made his second NFL start on Sunday in London. Every he did is drill a game-tying absent from 54 yards out and also blasted a game-winning, 53-yard field goal as time expired. Everything feels "wright" in Jacksonville following the Jaguars" very first win in 21 games.

28. New York Giants (LW: 27)

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Heeeeeee"s back! The bad version of quarterback Daniel Jones, the player who can also make NFC east fans shield their eyes, reverted on Sunday. Reference the Giants lacking Saquon Barkley, Kenny Golladay and also Kadarius Toney if girlfriend want. The reality is, the new York Giants, nor any kind of NFL team, could ever feel comfortable making a permanent investment in a quarterback who provides the football away favor it"s Christmas.

27. Houston Texans (LW: 29)

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The Houston Texans just don"t was standing a chance against most NFL teams. Dealing with a previously one-win Indianapolis Colts team, Houston kept things near for two quarters prior to everything dropped apart. If fans to be hoping for a Deshaun Watson trade by the Nov. 2 deadline, it could be time to provide up on that.

NFL power rankings: external the playoff picture

26. Atlanta Falcons (LW: 26)

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Coming out of the bye, there are a few reasons why the Atlanta Falcons must feel good. Because that one, wide receiver Calvin Ridley returns for Week 7 and also he"ll sign up with an offense that keeps gaining better. More importantly, because that this team"s future, rookie Kyle Pitts is beginning to display the game-changing talent the made the the No. 4 pick. With the dolphins on deck, Atlanta can be 3-3 start a challenging stretch in that November schedule.

25. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 24)

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It"s about time to begin contemplating a discussion surrounding quarterback Jalen Hurts. Through six games, he has actually a 59.5 passer rating once throwing 20-plus yards downfield (Pro football Focus) and ranks 27th in completion rate (72.8%) on brief yards (0-9 yards). There"s always going to be a short ceiling on the Eagles" passing assault with damages under center, raising long-term QB1 concerns.


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24. Washington soccer Team (LW: 22)

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At this point, the Washington football Team defense is precisely what we"re witnessing. With the an additional unable to prevent anyone, an injured Antonio Gibson and also an inefficient offense, there"s just no route to Washington being a watchable team for the foreseeable future.


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23. Brand-new England Patriots (LW: 23)

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It appears the brand-new England Patriots pat to their level of competition, placing up good fights against the Tampa just Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys, but barely beating the Houston Texans. If this trend continues, brand-new England will certainly beat the jets in week 7 ~ above a game-winning drive and also then placed up an tremendous Halloween fight against the Los Angeles Chargers in week 8. The volatile beat will store them low in our weekly NFL power rankings.

22. Denver Broncos (LW: 22)

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The Denver Broncos will be higher than this in agreement NFL strength rankings, however it"s no much longer deserved. This is a trivial team, through a defense that is progressively obtaining worse, that beat up on several of the worst groups in the NFL. Accident are easily piling up and another will likely come ~ above Thursday Night Football.

21. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 18)

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The Seattle Seahawks struggled in competitive games with future room of fame quarterback Russell Wilson. Together we experienced in mainly 6, things get even worse there is no him. Think about Sunday"s lose a authorize of points to come from this franchise, especially if Wilson is traded next offseason.

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20. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 25)

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The Indianapolis Colts are back to play the format of soccer that can put them back in the AFC southern hunt. Jonathan Taylor dominated as the featured back, quarterback Carson Wentz avoided mistakes and also this defense never broke down. We"ll check out in main 7 if any kind of of this is legit or the Colts simply beat increase Houston. Ever so slowly, Indianapolis is climbing ago up the NFL power rankings.


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19. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 20)

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Entering the bye week v a two-game success streak and a 3-3 record, the Pittsburgh Steelers will sell themselves top top this team gift turned around. In reality, lock beat a Geno Smith-led Seahawks" offense and a Broncos" club that looks more like pretenders. ~ the week 7 bye, the Steelers could be crushed through reality when they face the Cleveland Browns.

18. Chicago bear (LW: 15)

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While the Chicago bear defense is worthy of a point out in the NFL Playoffs, it"s not happening this year. Rookie Justin areas keeps showing flashes and his future is bright, however there room plenty that mistakes. This is additionally a Matt Nagy-led team and that"s all the reason you have to not buy right into a franchise own by Aaron Rodgers.

17. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 17)

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Injuries room the story of the san Francisco 49ers season as soon as again. Coming out of the bye, it would be a surprised if Jimmy Garoppolo doesn"t return in main 7. But he puts a ceiling ~ above this offense and with George Kittle on hurt reserve, san Francisco is simply an average NFL team.

16. Carolina Panthers (LW: 14)

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Pour one the end for those who thought a change of see magically resolved Sam Darnold. In his last 3 games, all losses, Darnold completed simply 54.7% that his passes through a 62.1 passer rating, 6 interceptions and averaged 5.85 yards every attempt. V Christian McCaffrey top top IR, the 3-3 Panthers better hope the defense beats the brand-new York Giants following Sunday.

15. Minnesota Vikings (LW: 19)

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It"s hardly ever pretty for the Minnesota Vikings, but they uncovered a method to win once again. This team seems to be addicted come last-second victories, seemingly knowing exactly how torturous the is come the heart of every fan. Minnesota will certainly head into the bye through a 3-3 record, firmly in the NFC Wild card hunt.

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14. Ras Vegas Raiders (LW: 16)

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Even prior to Sunday"s success over the competitor Denver Broncos, las Vegas Raiders seemed happy. Under interim head coach rich Bisaccia, practices are better, more player-friendly changes are gift made and Derek Carr is gaining much more control that the offense. V the Eagles and also Giants ahead, ras Vegas might be 5-3 in November.


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13. Brand-new Orleans Saints (13)

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Returning indigenous the farewell week, the new Orleans Saints must feel optimistic. The upcoming week 7 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks currently looks prefer a breeze and a success would push them to 4-2. Much more importantly, impact starters choose Michael Thomas, Marcus Davenport and also David Onyemata space closing in top top returns.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 12)

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There was never ever a doubt around the Cincinnati Bengals win on Sunday. An offense rich with talent at the ability positions and a defense that is still flying under the radar make the main 6 success look easy. Sit at 4-2, a road win against the Baltimore Ravens could readjust the dynamics of the AFC North.

11. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 10)

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When the Kansas City Chiefs defense isn"t in the history bad, quarterback Patrick Mahomes is an ext than talented enough to win most games. But a defensive unit that provides opposing quarterbacks look like the finest player in NFL history isn"t the just problem. After ~ committing simply 16 turnovers in 16 gamings last year, Kansas City"s offense is already at 14 giveaways this season. Optimistic regression is coming because that these unprecedented trends, however it"s going to take time.

10. Cleveland Browns (LW: 7)

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One can definitely admire Baker Mayfield"s willingness to play through excessive pain, yet this situation is acquiring worse. Both Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb space in jeopardy of lacking Thursday Night Football, an interpretation even more of the attack weight will be ~ above Mayfield"s shoulders. The Browns have to still escape with a victory, however the 10-day rest after is no hope needed.

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9. Tennessee Titans (LW: 12)

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What an certain gritty mainly 6 success for this Titans team. Taking on a red-hot receipt squad at residence Monday night, Tennessee speak Derrick Henry (143 yards, 3 touchdowns) to a tremble late-game victory over mockery Allen and also Co. It to be a signature success for the Titans and it vaults this squad right into the optimal 10 heading into a large outing versus the two-time defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs.

8. Los Angeles Chargers (LW: 3)

Vincent Carchietta-USA today Sports

When your MVP candidate quarterback has actually his worst game of the season, that puts immense pressure on anyone else to step up. Through Justin Herbert unable to compensate for his team"s flaws, Baltimore walked anywhere the Chargers. This have the right to be a good team yet the run defense and also bad offensive play-calling room troubling.

Week 7 NFL power rankings: Super bowl contenders

7. Environment-friendly Bay Packers (LW: 6)

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA today Sports

Aaron Rodgers is right, he own the Bears. The reigning NFL MVP is leading the eco-friendly Bay Packers ~ above a five-game winning streak, erasing any type of memories of the Week 1 debacle. But the thing that puts green Bay behind other Super bowl contenders right now in our recent NFL power rankings, the mounting injuries (Jaire Alexander, Za"Darius Smith, David Bakhtiari, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Darnell Savage).

6. Buffalo bills (LW: 2)

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We simply can"t overlook Buffalo losing against two inferior teams in the of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans over the very first six weeks of the season. Week 6 was a primary instance of this with the Bills" previously-vaunted defense offering up 6 consecutive scoring cd driver to Tennessee en course to Buffalo falling to 4-2 ~ above the campaign. Talent-wise, this can be the ideal team in the NFL. Yet it demands to gain up for every game, week in, mainly out.

5. Los Angeles Rams (LW: 8)

Robert Deutsch-USA this particular day Sports

The Los Angeles Rams didn"t even need to rest a sweat in Sunday"s victory over new York. Hey conquered every solitary aspect of the game across four quarters. There will be a small extra meeting for the Rams-Lions week 7 battle, but everyone must be prepared for a blowout.

4. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 9)

Tommy Gilligan-USA today Sports

The Baltimore Ravens made a declare on Sunday. If this version of the defense mirrors up, Baltimore can be the second-best team in the AFC. Keep in mind, Lamar Jackson didn"t even play come his normal standard. But steamrolling the Chargers and jumping out to a 5-1 document should acquire everyone in Baltimore excited.

3. Dallas Cowboys (LW: 5)

David servant II-USA now Sports

The Cowboys" celebration ~ a wild success over the Patriots didn"t last lengthy Sunday. Finding out that game-winning touchdown pass also caused a calf strain for Dak Prescott creates some actual concern. Yet Dallas is heading right into its taking leave week and also if this is a boy injury, he"ll go back to a supervisor Bowl contender in mainly 8.

2. Tampa bay Buccaneers (LW: 4)

Bill Streicher-USA now Sports

Tom Brady is win at every little thing right now. Dominating on the field, life his best life in Tampa Bay and also starring in wonderful commercials. We can put the spotlight ~ above a depleted Tampa only Buccaneers defense that is a concern for this team moving forward. However Brady operation an offense with Mike Evans, kris Godwin and Antonio Browns, 3 No. 1 receivers on pace for 1,000-yard seasons, do this offense unstoppable.

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1. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 1)

Ken Blaze-USA now Sports

Erasing any doubt, the Arizona Cardinals when again showed why they hold the No. 1 point out in ours NFL power rankings. Arizona led Cleveland 20-0 midway through the game and also save because that a Hail mary touchdown prior to the half, this would have actually been a 30-point blowout. The Cardinals aren"t the perfect team, yet that undefeated document isn"t walk away with the Texans top top deck in week 7.