All performed through sexiness, grace, and also style. With over 144 million views on YouTube (and that’s simply from a single video), Nicole the Pole Williams is most famously well-known as the performer in the Rihanna video for the track “Pour the Up” released in October 2013. Once the acrobatics the pole dance crosses over to tendency media, naysayers who’ve doubted the complete body toughness of pole dancers space surprised and impressed.

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As the bass booms come Rihanna’s sultry vocals, Nicole elbow grips the pole and glides she feet while she’s lifted turn off the ground. It’s favor she’s go on air… and the people is in awe! Though she super sexy moves in Rihanna’s video make that look like Nicole to be a herbal born femme fatale, Nicole walk not constantly have a at sight sexy persona. This is exactly how her story began:

In the 90s, Nicole Williams might be watched in walking under the street of downtown Los Angeles, CA, put on a pair that baggy jeans and a t-shirt, all set to play a video game of basketball v her cousins. Nicole love sports and also fitness so she came to be a personal trainer at the at an early stage age that 20. She ongoing to work-related as a an individual trainer for the following decade while obtaining several celebrity clientele and also eventually co-owning a gym in downtown LA.

Nicole was first introduced come pole to dance in 2007 once she was attending a home party in LA. She saw 2 party attendees doing gymnastics move on a pole the she had actually never watched before…..and castle were fully clothed! also with end 10 year of experience as a an individual trainer, Nicole knew that these moves compelled an immense amount of complete body toughness that she did not possess at the time. Nicole was drawn to the athleticism that the pole run moves….and no necessarily come the sexiness the it.

From there, Nicole began to practice pole fitness continuously using a pole the was collection up at a friend’s home. She learned how to pole run by watching videos ~ above YouTube online and also teaching herself. Nicole then operated on she sexy pole method by acquisition videos of it s her dancing, showing it to she friends and also asking them for feedback. After lot practice, Nicole finally got the cave of it!

A few months later, Nicole opened up her very own studio, Allure Dance and Fitness Studio in her living room. She shortly after opened up her very own standalone studio in Los Angeles, CA, making her the first African American woman to open up a pole run studio in LA. Nicole found out around the Rihanna video clip opportunity when her studio was booked for auditions in search of a pole dancer. Throughout the audition, Nicole nailed she freestyle regime with her advanced pole tricks and also blew everyone else the end of the competition! here’s a clip of the audition below:

After Nicole’s success v the Rihanna video, she’s to be featured ~ above several nationwide TV shows prefer “Access Hollywood”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, “Ricki Lake”, and also “The Insider” just to surname a few. This year in ~ Pole Convention, Nicole will certainly be teaching three workshops: Intro to Pole & beginner (for brand-new pole dancers), No straightforward Zone/Pour it up (a workshop that teaches the intermediary and progressed moves excellent in Rihanna’s pour It increase video), All about Handsprings (a workshop that goes end the fundamentals of how to acquire into your handspring).

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Be sure to authorize up for her workshops in ~ Pole Convention 2015. These workshops space sure to to fill up fast. Girlfriend don’t want to miss out top top Nicole’s tricks and expertise….see you there!


Alexandria is a NASM Certified personal Trainer and has a Bachelor’s of science in Biomedical design with a minor in Biophysics. Alexandria began pole to dance in June 2010 in Washington, DC together a fun method to remain in shape and also to exercise self-awareness and appreciation. Many thanks to pole dance, Alexandria has actually developed higher esteem because that herself and she adores the method her body looks…..and she wouldn’t want to have actually it any other way! Being plus-sized herself, Alexandria started a pole fitness blog in 2014 dubbed "Curvy Pole Dancer" the is focused towards full-figured women who are finding out to pole dance. She right now lives in Rockville, MD and works in IT.