10 ideal Quotes native FLCL FLCL is a quirky anime v some pretty great dialogue. These space the most memorable lines indigenous the show.

there are couple of anime that stick so much to the subconscious the method that Fooly Cooly has to its audiences. An industry experiment in animation disguised together a coming-of-age story disguised together a sci fi, mecha series, Fooly Cooly achieves so much emotional provocation through its distinct use the surreal imagery, well-curated soundtrack, and also purposeful use of different animating techniques.

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However, an underappreciated facet in achieve the surprising level of depth would certainly be that is writing and dialogue. It"s not difficult to find civilization that say the FLCL has actually no plot and that that doesn"t really say or represent lot which is fair. The congestion the content and details in the series can arguably distract an ext than that entices.

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However, this idea is quiet a shame considering that simply the pure, spoken words that FLCL"s personalities speak so lot to the series" narrative and also its values. In storage of songs currently sung however rarely heard, right here are the 10 best quotes that encapsulate what is FLCL.

maybe the most iconic line from the series, Haruko"s remark to Naota once he becomes a small discouraged regarding his...bat swinging skills...is a significant call to him and also the audience to it is in brave and also take more agency through their choices, particularly their romantic, partnership choices.

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It hearkens to a disenfranchising duration of youth whereby a sterile environment and unreliable adult numbers may leave someone v little knowledge as to how come make choices or relocate forward in life, making the even more important for human being to take threats as an way in finding your own means through life.

In direct an answer to the above quote, Naota"s conflict, and Haruko"s cavalier ease through doing anything, command Amarao describes the near sterile, emotional stagnation the afflicts a lot of occurring youths, leaving many stunted and even afraid of the harder choices in life.

If Haruko"s over quote speak on potential positives, this line right here goes to the negatives, drawing attention to the infantile fear that keeps many world from really moving forward.

one of the opened lines come the collection and absolutely one of the most used marketing cuts, Naota declaring to the audience that "Nothing amazing" ever happens in his humble abode speaks level regarding how constrained and also insignificant Naota feels, specifically in compare to how grand that feels the outside civilization is.

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For a series about the confusion and also romanticism of growing up, it"s really appropriate to begin off through a pre-teen talking about how much their town stinks.

7 Ah, your brother is away, for this reason she"s sinking she fangs into you, Naota. Fondling approximately! Fooling around! Fooly Cooly!

He said the location of the show! take a shooting everyone! during one the the many talked around scenes in the series, particularly its pilot episode, Naota"s dad goes on whole rant about Naota"s sexual exploits, exhilaration in both jealous and mocking manners.

The line and also its performance resemble so lot of the embarrassing exaggeration that families and macho male figures may usage on the topic of sex, encapsulating so lot of the faux-adult picture that is conflicting v Naota.

Ninamori is the poster son of nasty divorces, particularly ones heard throughout the entire town. As soon as living in such an idyllic life and put top top a pedestal together this pure and innocent girl, Ninamori is already pre-wrapped in adolescent fiction as soon as the collection begins.

When challenged with a serious family members issue, she maintains the veil and tries come play points off together cool and mature, even dawning fake glasses for the brainy look. Maturity is not simply an idea. That is a disguise put on in fear of just how one may look once they"re vulnerable.

5 Watermelon...or like a panda v a mean face or favor sandals with press points drawn on lock or the smell of a blackboard eraser or a Sunday morning where you wake up up, and also it"s raining. Well, I like him more than difficult bread.

FLCL is a many serious, farming up ingredient disguised as cool and romantic stuff. It dresses up its personalities in the same rebellious gear as the punk absent idols. However, if over there was ever before a personality to it is in naked to this regard, it would certainly Mamimi.

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While Naota embraces the high of teenage escapism, Mamimi is constantly dealing v a lot harsher reality, frequently finding bliss and escape in just the an easy things, points that are at least much better than difficult bread.

4 I witnessed God the other day...by the flow on a merganser afternoon. He helped a kitten the was left all alone. It"s a God that just I deserve to see. A black color winged angel the came down from the heavens simply for me.

come emphasize the previous line even further, Mamimi"s tardy of the right adult figure, the perfect man, even God is one pull in the most an easy of human manners.

As this line goes on, it bring the viewer a little lower 보다 God, back to earth, together Mamimi is just amazed through a simple, sort act, acting together if this an easy gesture to be predestined because that her. The girl pretty much simply prays because that kindness.

3 but I said i don"t favor sour stuff.

probably the simplest, many direct metaphor in the series, flavors are often used to draw comparison to says of maturity. If one prefers sweet things, they"re vulnerable to childlike behavior. If lock can"t handle spicy things, then they don"t have a tires tongue.

How much one can take when eating straight correlates in the series to exactly how much they can tolerate together a mature, person being, v Naota"s gradual liking to "sour stuff" acting together a pivotal point in his arc.

2 Don"t call my brother! I"m the one who"s here! Hey, look in ~ me! I"m the one who"s gonna save you! CANTI! Now, listen, my name is Naota. Don"t ever speak to me Ta-kun again!

just reading this line is whole performance. So much of the ton is vying because that vindication, but every one of that is buried under its own blind irony. Naota is trying come act therefore brave and also macho come Mamimi, saying that he"s walking to be the one to save her...yet the calls on Canti.

The episode, "Brittle Bullet," is focused on arrogance and also ego coming confront to face with real people limitation in a delusional throw of masculinity, where even a little child can talk choose a huge man. This heat does fine to exemplify both the ego and also its innate delusion and weakness, together Naota starts to bite off more than he deserve to chew.

1 the high school girl looked kinda sad. Seems favor a tiny kindness could help, however you"d need some maturity to treat her that way.

command Amarao is your finest friend from high college who likes to talk trash around how immature various other high school children are without ever really looking at himself. And while this wishy-washiness could play off as an annoying, also near antagonistic properties in any kind of other series, it serves to do Amarao one of the many defining, even insightful voices in the series.

While humorous, over there is a sad connotation to the above line the not only speaks levels regarding the kind of world affecting Mamimi"s life however the worries within FLCL"s world. Amarao right here perfectly exemplifies exactly how one have the right to have this best version the what maturity may look like but how those traits deserve to still go neglected because of immaturity.

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Maturity is regularly seen as an internal change and not sufficient as one external, interpersonal one, where just how one treats rather is frequently neglected to exactly how one views themselves.