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You deserve to hear this line at 01:18:14 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- Pledge allegiance... -Pledge allegiance...

- come Hedley Lamarr... - to Hedy Lamarr...

- That\"s Hedley! -That\"s Hedley!

- and also to the evil... - and to the evil...

- because that which the stands! -For which that stands!

- now go execute that voodoo that you do so well!

- host it! host it! organize the happiness. We room in trouble.

- Yep! us forgot one tiny detail.

- naught is missing. Whatever is here, down to the critical hitching post.

- People. There\"s no people.

- now don\"t panic. Don\"t panic.


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As your spiritual leader, ns implore you... To pay heed to this an excellent book and also what it needs to say.
You\"ve obtained to remember the these are just straightforward farmers. This are civilization of the land. The usual clay of the new West. You know. Morons!
Seize them! catch them! catch them!
I understand there\"s a brand-new sheriff in town. Who desires to death him?
Now the moment has involved act. And act fast! I\"m leaving.
Blazing Saddles (1974) Sound Clip


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Actors: Cleavon little (Sheriff Bart), Gene Wilder (Jim \"The Waco Kid\"), Harvey Korman (Hedley Lamarr)

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