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We"ve stated it before and also we"ll to speak it again: If friend think The Office is funny to watch, just imagine just how funny it was to film.

Though the actors of the off-air NBC comedy is full of incredibly talented professionals, they"re just human, which means they weren"t immune to obtaining the giggles when filming.

On the recent episode that the Office females podcast Jenna Fischer and also Angela Kinsey chatted all around a an especially hilarious Season 4 episode, "Branch Wars." The episode functions Karen trying to poach Stanley from Scranton; the Finer points Club collection in the break room; and Michael, Dwight, and Jim taking a road pilgrimage to Utica to traction off some pranks.

As you can imagine, the cast damaged several times during filming, but Fischer and Kinsey recalled 3 scenes that were especially complicated to acquire through.

1. Storming the Finer things Club

The first of Steve Carell"s giggle fits came once Michael and also Dwight tried come crash the Finer points Club"s party.

"Michael and also Dwight storm right into the rest room wherein the Finer points Club is setup up. They have actually some Vivaldi play in the background," Fischer explains.

"This step is so funny. Ns don"t know exactly how you guys obtained through it, yet you couldn"t. I experienced the bloopers. You guys were losing it," Kinsey replied.

"Listen, every time Toby to walk in and also he"s wearing his bow tie and also Michael reaction to him, Paul can not get through that moment. He laughed every time Steve looked in ~ him. It took united state so lengthy to acquire through that. It to be so funny," Fischer said.

"He"s go in with, like, stacked China teacups. And also there is a time that Steve broke, which you guys know was rare, but Steve fully broke in among the bloopers," Kinsey said. "Paul as Toby just says, "bow tie.""

2. The auto ride to Utica

Steve (and Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski) also lost it once filming a scene in the vehicle on the means to Utica. Remember once Dwight tries come pee in a have the right to in the back seat? Yeah, of food it"s the scene.

"So Jim is like, let"s play that Alphabet game that you desire to play," Kinsey recalls. "And Michael is like, OK, "A is for Alan. And he"s married to Alice and they live in Alaska and also they sell...what do they sell? What perform they sell?" and then he"s like, "Wait, what is that noise i hear? Is that water favor in the engine. Prefer what? Is the air conditioner leaking? What"s the sound?""

"Oh, that sound is Dwight peeing in a deserve to in the ago seat," Fischer answers.

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"And lock freak out. They"re like, oh, gross. And then Michael starts swerving and also Dwight"s like, you"re making me spray. This scene is prefer so funny to watch. I was laughing so hard," Kinsey explained.

Just prefer the storming the the Finer points Club, Kinsey claims the bloopers indigenous the auto scenes "are so worth it."

"They were cracking up. Ns mean, it"s one of the rare times where Steve can not store it together. Steve," she said. "Every time, too, Rainn would need to say, "I think I reduced my cock on the lid." and also then this is in the turned off scenes, however it"s likewise in the bloopers, at the very end, Dwight goes, "I reduced a chunk the end of my penis for nothing." Those guys might not get through it. Lock were like melting into laughter."

"I mean, simply imagine gift in a auto together, these three comedic actors at the optimal of their game. I mean, brilliant," Fischer said.

3. Walkie talkie time

When the 3 bros lastly get come the Utica office Dwight and Michael leaving to lug out their big plan and Jim stays behind in the auto with a walkie talkie to continue to be in touch.

"... look at Karen, he"s like, "oh my god, she"s here. Go, go, go." and he leans the seat ago trying come hide from Karen," Kinsey recalled, come which Fischer said, "In the meantime, with the walkie talkie, we just hear it, which ns personally think is therefore freaking funny. Michael and Dwight decision to stealing the industrial copier. Climate you listen a very loud crashing noise and also then you begin to listen Michael talking around his hip. He"s saying, "Jim save us."" 

"He"s saying, "Jim, if this is my last moment please phone call me you"ll take end The Dundies," Kinsey added.

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For those wondering, Fischer claimed that Wilson and also Krasinski were actually connecting through the walkie talkies, and whatever they were saying seems pretty hilarious.

"I don"t recognize if this was in the bloopers, Angela, however John was laughing so hard at what he was listening to. I remember him telling me stories, wait until you watch this scene. These men were so funny end the walkie talkie," Fischer said.

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