Nearly all sports, once played at the greatest level, are pursuits for the young. Professional careers align with athletic peaks, and also the aging process will ultimately force everyone, even Hall of reputation locks such together Peyton Manning, to retire. Careers in the NFL are notoriously short, so playing past period 30 is an accomplishment. The oldest NFL quarterbacks of every time put most athletes to dead by playing into their 40s.

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Speaking the Manning, friend won’t check out him ~ above this list. Also though that played because that a long time, that would have needed to play another 10 year to it is in No. 1 on our list. In the occasion of players that retired in ~ the same age, we’ll list the many recent player first (keep an eye open for one all-time an excellent at No. 7).

15. Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck led Seattle come its very first Super key appearance. | G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

Final season: 2015

Age: 40

The man who led the Seattle Seahawks to their an initial Super bowl appearance, in 2006, to be only about halfway v his job at the point. The eco-friendly Bay Packers drafted Boston university product in 1999, and also in addition to Seattle, he stopped in Tennessee prior to finishing his career in Indianapolis as one of the earliest NFL quarterbacks to ever put ~ above the pads.

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14. Vince Evans

Vince Evans played in the NFL because that a long time. | man G. Mabanglo/AFP/Getty Images

Age: 40

Final season: 1995

We nothing blame you if you nothing remember the highlights from Vince Evans’ career; there weren’t many. His ideal season was 1980 with the Chicago Bears, once he perfect 53% that his passed because that 2,039 yards and also 11 touchdowns. After leaving one storied franchise (Chicago) after ~ the 1983 season, he landing with another (the Raiders) in 1987 after spending time in the USFL.

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13. Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson played until 1990, when he was one of the earliest NFL quarterbacks. | George Rose/Getty Images

Age: 40

Final season: 1990

No one will ever confuse Joe Ferguson for Peyton Manning, yet he was an excellent enough to stick roughly from 1973 every the way until 1990. He spent many of his career through the Buffalo Bills, where he had 5 winning seasons in 12 years, but he spent time v Detroit, Tampa, and Indianapolis before he walked far from the game.

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12. Jim Hart

Jim Hart stuck with the Cardinals v some down years. | Jonathan Daniel /Allsport/ Getty Images

Age: 40

Final season: 1984

After play at southerly Illinois, Jim Hart visited the St. Louis Cardinals in 1966 and he played because that the team till 1983 before wrapping up his career with the Washington Redskins. We applaud Hart’s commitment andhis longevity. His play career corresponded with 5 presidential administrations,

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11. Len Dawson

Hall of fame player Len Dawson is amongst the oldest NFL quarterbacks ever. | Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Age: 40

Final season: 1975

By 21st-century standards, Len Dawson’s stats don’t jump the end at you, however he’s one of the all-time greats to action under center. The guided the Kansas City Chiefs to an figure in the first Super Bowl, in 1967, and also helped them success their an initial NFL location in 1970. One of the oldest NFL quarterbacks of every time was still reliable in his last season, passing because that 1,095 yards and also five touchdowns in five games.

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10. Charlie Conerly

Charlie Conerly was one of the oldest NFL quarterbacks the game has ever before seen. | Wikimedia Commons

Age: 40

Final season: 1961

A Washington Redskins draft pick, Charlie Conerly played because that the brand-new York Giants for the totality of his 14-year career. A two-time pro-bowl player, he won a championship in 1956. Because he offered in world War Two, Conerly’s career didn’t begin until he was 27 year old, in 1948.

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9. Tom Brady

Tom Brady transforms 41 prior to the 2018 season. | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Final season: N/A

Age: 41

We should more than likely put Tom Brady in a classification all his own. We recognize he has to leave the NFL at some point, us just have actually no idea when he will finally retire. Unless something correct happens prior to the 2018 season opener, Brady will certainly be 41 at the begin of the season, firmly in the optimal 10 on the perform of earliest NFL quarterbacks of every time.

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8. Mark Brunell

Mark Brunell | Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Final season: 2011

Age: 41

Playing indigenous 1994 every the way until 2007, Brunell originally obtained his start with the eco-friendly Bay Packers, gift takenin the fifth round the the 1993 draft. Regardless of that, he would invest the longest insignificant of his 17-season career through Jacksonville, holding under the Gspot with the Jags indigenous ’95 every the means to 2004, once he decamped to sign up with the Redskins. Last play for the jet in 2011, the three-time agree Bowler wound up top the league in passing once, in 1996, and managed to lead the league in sacks twice, in ’96 and 2001.

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7. Brett Favre

Brett Favre is one of the ideal — and oldest — to ever before play. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Final season: 2010

Age: 41

This is a surname you supposed to see, right. Brett Favre racked increase a ton the superlatives over the food of his 20-year career: Gunslinger, Super key champion, affluent QB, and also one the the earliest NFL quarterbacks to ever before suit up. His last season in Minnesota no anything to write house about, however the year before that he passed because that 4,202 yards and also 33 touchdowns.

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6. Earl Morrall

Earl Morrall | Ima Sportsphile via YouTube

Final season: 1976

Age: 42

When he became a member of the 1972 Miami dolphin — the just team to ever before go undefeated from begin to finish over a continual season and an entire playoff in NFL history — quarterback Earl Morrall had already been a expert football player because that 17 seasons. Earl to be drafted at 22, and he to be 38 when the dolphins went ~ above their historic run. He played all the way through 1976 and also promptly landing a gig at the college of Miami when he quit playing.

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5. Doug Flutie

Doug Flutie warms up v a pass before the game. | Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Final season: 2005

Age: 43

One of the best college quarterbacks in background traveled a winding course on his method to becoming one the the oldest NFL quarterbacks of every time.

Prowling pro football sidelines from 1986 come 2005, Flutie spent the early part of his quarterbacking job bouncing from franchise to franchise prior to finally gaining a beginning shot with the brand-new England Patriots — whereupon he promptly disappeared right into the icy wilderness of the Canadian football organization for a decade, returning to the NFL in 1998 to head up the signal calling because that the Buffalo Bills and finally retiring v the exact same Patriots that first gave that the beginning job.

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4. Beanie Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde | Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Final season: 2007

Age: 44

Everyone figured that vinny Testaverde was going to have some type of notable NFL career after win the Heisman and being drafted very first overall in 1987. Us don’t know how many people would have actually bet on one of two people his underwhelming CV for his time in the NFL, or the length of his career. Regardless of his evident mediocrity, vinny Testaverde wound increase spending 21 year in the NFL and was a professional football player well into his 40s.

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3. Warren Moon

Warren Moon checked out his same share of pro Bowls. | Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Final season: 2000

Age: 44

A onetime record holder for the most passing touchdowns in NFL history, Warren Moon was able to parlay his physical gifts and throwing acumen right into a career that spanned from 1983 come 2000. Simply what imagine what might have been.

Coming the end of college in 1978, Moon saw zero attention coming native the NFL and spent the an initial five years of his post-collegiate job in the Canadian football League. Imagine what could have taken place if Moon, that retired at 44, was able to spend those seasons in the NFL.

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2. Steve DeBerg

Steve DeBerg in activity during the game versus the Miami dolphins | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Final season: 1998

Age: 44

So great that Peyton Manning allegedly studied his film, Steve DeBerg played in the NFL for two decades but only built up 140 starts, which is why he’s well-known as a career backup. Still, the passed for a respectable 34,241 yards and 196 touchdowns end 17 seasons that consisted of a four-year hiatus indigenous 1994 v 1997. Picked up by Dallas in the 10th round, DeBerg invested time with the 49ers, the Chiefs, and Tampa Bay before ending his career in Atlanta.

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1. George Blanda

George Blanda going for a touchdown | wa4 gamings via YouTube

Final season: 1975

Age: 48

When it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL, yes sir young, yes sir Peyton Manning old, yes sir Brett Favre old, and then yes sir George Blanda. He an initial played a professional football video game in 1949 and also didn’t retire until 1975 as the league’s leading scorer. He is likewise the just quarterback ~ above this perform to additionally kick ar goals in expert NFL games, even if many of his numbers are pre-merger.