that sounds choose she's declaring that she's for sale, but hopefully that's not what she actually meant...
You might want to have a look in ~ this question.

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Without more context, I would assume that the girl is no seeing anyone at the moment (she is not in a relationship), and also she is looking for someone to be in a relationship with.

On the other hand, she may without doubt be t2175forals.coming you (on the phone for instance) the she is the end shopping. (Thank friend Edwin Ashworth!)



The pertinent idiomatic expression is...

She"s in the market (4630 access time in Google Books, as opposed to just 10 because that ...on...)

The "base" expression to it is in in the sector method you"re actively seeking to acquire . In general, if the thing sought isn"t either clearly specified or obvious from context, it means a romantic partner or relationship.

Because that the nature of the extremely typical "implied" target, ns imagine some world think that "I"m in the market" as an interpretation "I to be available" (i.e. - someone else have the right to "acquire" me), since semantically it would certainly amount to much the exact same thing. Yet that "inverted" feeling never uses if context plainly indicates anything other than a relationship, therefore I"d speak it"s simply a misreading the the expression. Likewise note this...

(two couples chatting at a dinner party in December...) 1a: "No-one wants to it is in buying or marketing their home in December". 2a: "I wouldn"t say that. We"re in the market". 2b: "I wouldn"t to speak that. We"re on the market".

2b is among the very couple of contexts wherein on have the right to be offered at every (effectively it way we = ours house is top top the real estate market (i.e. - for sale). Vice versa, 2a is the much more standard We"re looking to buy a house.

TL;DR: for the literal sense it"s constantly in the market (or at the market). For idiomatic usages, it"s constantly on the industry = for sale, and also in the sector = seeking to buy (or get in some various other way).

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EDIT: It appears several people here expropriate "non-facetious" intake of "I"m on the market" an interpretation nothing an ext than "I"m proactively seeking a partner", for this reason it"s worth noting that as a possibility. Yet my advice would be only use it of yourself if you"re conscious of the "I"m easily accessible to be chosen" connotations (as opposed to "I"m looking to make a choice" with the traditional form). And I"d definitely advise caution through the on kind if you"re talking about someone else.