Once Upon A Time – Season 4, Episode 11 Recap: Bitchy, Snarky, Well-Dressed And Wonderful – Welcome Back ToStorybrooke!
I’m the one through the cleavage around here!

I mean, really – welcome back. We’ve type of lost our means on some of these story arcs, and also while I adore Anna, discover Elsa palatable and also am in awe of the Snow Queen’s magnificent rack, tright here hasn’t been a lot this seachild that’s made me feel favor the old days. The days of bandit Scurrently and also virile Charming, red-carpet dresses and also viciously snarky Regina. The days of saucy Hook, deadpan Emma and also oily, yet irresistable Rumple.

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This episode lugged us earlier to our roots, and also to one of the best components about the Once Upon A Time universe: no villain is beyond redemption.

Our story this week begins in Boston, circa 1982, wright here our buddy the Cleavage Scurrently Queen is wandering the streets of Boston and decides to consult a psychic in an initiative to uncover out even more around the happy unborn blonde sister baby she’s been creepily promised by an old man and also his hat of Disney Death. The psychic transforms out to be a phony via a wicked smaht Boston accent and Ingrid storms out vowing that she will certainly one day discover herself a nordic minor to latch onto.

Back in Storybrooke existing day, we watch the Snow Queen walking via the raining mirror glass and watch the beginning of the curse’s ill-results, which are, quite frankly, hilarious. Screaming dwarves, Snow and also Charming trading zingers…hell, also Kristoff Wallpaper almost mirrors some personality. And Anna is adorable. Oh, Anna. I simply love ya.
Anna remembers that according to that old Nordic Arendelle legend (that Emma knows too, I assume because she was partially elevated by her pre-birth stalker), as lengthy as you kill the royal jerk who cast it, you can break the spell, so Emma hands over baby Neal, and also she and also Elsa take off to commit regicide.
Rumplestiltskin then oozes onto the screen choose the steaming pile of crocodile dung he’s come to be, and also Hook reminds him that he’s a complete and also total jerk via a God facility and enough self-entitlement to float a continent of thirteenager year old girls….or maybe he just calls him a villain…whatever before. Rumple orders Hook to go fetch Henry so he have the right to take Henry and also Belle to the tvery own line and also escape to New York via them, the place he’s picking out of all locations on earth he can go to either out of some whiff of love he still feels for Henry or because he’s going to begin a small Indie theatre or somepoint. Belle and Henry won’t remember a point, and will watch him as a hero while everyone else dies a horrible, tortured death. Oh, Rumple.

Regina, on the other hand also, has decided she’s sealed in her vault and also it’s all Emma’s fault. I didn’t suppose for that to rhyme and as a blogger, I must find a much better way to say that, however I’m pressed for time right here so I’m leaving it. Anymeans, Regina goes via a costume readjust and once aacquire becomes the Evil Queen via a murmured “I’ve missed you.” Oh, Regina. Me, also, honey. Me, also.
Next we flash back to young Emma and her foster stalker, Ingrid, who turns out to be non-creepy and also surprisingly likeable. So we’re going all LOST below and we’re not going to be sure where this chick’s allegiance lies and also whether we root for her or not. Freaking writers. Anyway, Ingrid is obviously well on her method to being a mother-number for Emma, which is odd considering she’s trying to force sisterhood on the child.
At the same time, the highways of Storybrooke erupt in chaos, and Hook is making his means through the teeming masses as Emma and also Elsa try in vain to cut their magical sister-ribbons off. Down the street at the sheriff’s office, Scurrently and also Charming are at each other’s throats, via Anna interceding and also Wallpaper chiming in and I love it.

Emma decides that the just way to rerelocate the ribbons, which are bound by magical love, is to uncover an equally strong resource of hate. She’s going to cost-free Regina and also open up a have the right to of bitchfest.

The Scurrently Queen is watched playing via her little bit purple balls and we flash ago to young Emma aacquire, who’s at the amusement park through her stalker sister, who, as it turns out, is trying to adopt her. Emma actually claims “I love you,” which has just happened a couple of times in the totality of the show, so that’s pretty substantial.

Emma and Elsa show up at Regina’s vault, which is extended in a containment spell. Emma tries to remove the spell and fchanges, Elsa provides her a pep talk (rather of, y’understand, providing to help her) and she gets it on the second attempt. Go pseudo-sisters! Emma goes inside to uncover magnificently-clad Regina who throws out a zinger reminiscent of the excellent old days. Emma taunts her, telling her that she lugged Marion earlier simply to piss Regina off, and that she wanted Regina to check out simply how freaking happy she and Hook are together, which is around a thousandth of a percent as happy as I was as soon as they ultimately macked onto each other. Regina tosses a firesphere that, for whatever factor, only hits the ribbons, and disintegprices them. Emma throws Regina into a wall and also she and Elsa take off, leaving Regina complimentary to roam around tvery own.
Yeah, God forbid you put the protective spell ago up, you magical amateurs.
Hook, in the meantime has gone to fetch Henry, that delivers a hilarious line about a pirate’s general absence of hygiene, and says he never before preferred Hook and also likes him even less currently that he’s together with his Mom, prompting Hook to answer:

With his tradenote, rogue-ish grin and also my ovaries popped prefer popcorn. Henry foils Hook via some closely placed Home Alone marbles, and also gets away, leaving Hook to address the Knave, who’s hunted him dvery own for some revenge. The knave takes a swing and also ends up faceplanting and the I-don’t-have-time-for-this-shit look on Killian’s face just made the scene. God, I love this display.
Once aget, we flash earlier to teenager Emma, who’s via stalker Ingrid, that has actually turned from nurturing mom figure right into batshit-crazy womale. She drags Emma in front of a speeding automobile and commands her to speak it. Emma freaks out and Ingrid tries to describe that she was just trying to assist her acquire her magic thang on. Emma runs away, and also Ingrid looks suitably bereft.
Back in the present day, Regina mirrors up at the Sheriff’s terminal, turns to Wallpaper and also states what we’ve all wanted to say since episode one:”I don’t recognize who you are however why don’t you go ago to where you came from.”
Yeah, I sassist it.

We flash to Storybrook, circa 2001, where the sorcerer’s scroll helps Ingrid find Storybrooke ten years prior to Emma arrives. I have no idea why Regina never noticed a stranger getting here eighteenager years into her endless curse, but that’s just a minor plot inconvenience and also we obtain most those around below. It does assist describe why Ingrid has never aged, however.
We watch Emma as she has her previously pictured debate via Ingrid. Emma is resplendent in her first-seachild curls and also trademark red jacket, and also my heart actually fluttered once she shelp she was calling sheriff Graham, hoping we might gain a surpclimb cameo for just one steamy minute, but it was not to be. The Snow Queen takes Emma’s memories instead.
Back in current time, Emma and Elsa meet up through Ingrid, who mirrors the girls the little purple balls which are intended be crystals but look prefer bit bouncy balls you get out of a grocery save vending machine, and they keep all the happy memories she’s common through the both of them.
Over in the sheriff’s office, Snow is bitching at David over his thrift-save stroller as she battles Regina, that is throwing snarky remarks via finesse and also style while swordfighting in a floor-length, corseted gvery own. She and Scurrently really gain into it, and also David looks on in horror while the rest of us cheer out loud.

Oh, Regina, I’ve missed you. But not almost as much as I’ve missed Snow. Not Mary Margaret, you understand also. Snow. The outregulation bandit. The chick with the gumption – and a wardrobe that doesn’t look choose thrift keep curtains.

Remember her?

Anna and Wallpaper find themselves poofed earlier to the beach alongside the trunk they arrived in, and also Anna woos her male with the time-honored Storybrooke heritage of hitting him in the head, this time through a bottle – the extremely bottle that her Mother tossed into a stormy sea, transferring an essential message for her children.

Anna takes the letter to the ice cave where Emma, Elsa and Ingrid are having a standoff, Anna defines that the abcommonly long, multi-chaptered letter that takes up eighty-nine inches of scroll was hastily scrawled by Mom as the ship was going down roughly her in incredibly nicely lined penmanship, despite being tossed around by a fierce and tempestuous storm. The letter states Mom really did love Ingrid and also has the memories that all the people of Arendelle had concerning her sisters.

The Snow Queen pulls the spell earlier, sacrificing herself and also her magnificent cleavage, and also saves the town. Anna and also Elsa decide to take the memory of Ingrid and Helga ago to the human being of Arendelle, Storybrooke transforms nice again, and also in the finest minute of the episode, Snow, David and Regina burst right into laughter at their ridiculous selves.

We finish with Scurrently and also David kissing, Regina and also Henry hugging, yet Emma doesn’t gain a warmth, fuzzy moment through Killian, oh no. He’s also busy through Assholestiltskin, that is sort sufficient to let Killian know that it’s his last night on earth, because his heart will be crumelted as soon as the stars align with the hat tomorrow, releasing the jerkwad from the influence of the dagger. Killian renders a plea for Emma and also the others and is left looking soulfully off into the distance as countless woguys massage their utersupplies and also stare longingly at their tv displays.

Divine cow, was this episode great. I’m offering this one five hooks out of five.

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This episode reminded me of exactly why I dropped in love with this present. Villains can be reconsidered, and love always wins, no issue just how many twisted obstacles the authors throw at it. I am going to be on tenterhooks, waiting to check out whether or not Emma have the right to rescue my captain’s heart before they go on endless, tormenting hiatus.