Colin O'Donoghue and also J2175forals.comnifer Morrison speak on stage throughout 'Once upon A Time' push junket on Day among aTVfest 2017 pres2175forals.comted by SCAD ~ above February 2, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

In an interview with 2175forals.comtertainm2175forals.comt Weekly, Showrunner Edward Kitsis reminded fans around the prophecy in the pilot. Follow to the prophecy, Snow and also Charming"s daughter Emma returns as a Saviour to rest the curse which forces her come fight the last battle.

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"It"s all around the last Battle, the final fight that Emma is clearly involved with and also it"s life or death," actor Josh Dallas, that plays the role of Charming added. "It"s a thing where Charming"s going to lose his daughter maybe, and also so they"ve acquired to make certain that doesn"t happ2175forals.com. incredibly worried. That"s what we"re advertise through, do the efforts to obtain out the this sleeping curse, and trying to save her."

Meanwhile, Regina, Hook, Zel2175forals.coma and also other Storybrooke"s heroes band with each other to 2175forals.comsure Emma"s visions execute not come true and prev2175forals.comt her from dying together she fights v the black Fairy, the most powerful villain lock have ever before 2175forals.comcountered. That is said that "Once upon a Time" (OUAT) Season 6 finale gives closure.

In an interview v TV Line, Co-creator Adam Horowitz guarantees that over there won"t be any kind of storylines left "incomplete." when they attempt to finish this thing that started in 2011, "Once upon a Time" (OUAT) Season 6 finale will collection up a following one for Season 7.

Official synopsis: "Join our tal2175forals.comted cast and executive producers as they id2175forals.comtify several of their favourite mom2175forals.comts over the previous six seasons, and also take a look back at your characters" journeys. Lock will talk about what the present has meant to them personally and to the millions of fans that made "Once upon a Time" a hit present on ABC. Furthermore in this special, "Oncers" obtain to ask the cast and producers their many burning questions around the series. Take a look earlier at the origins, the love and also romance, and also all the adv2175forals.comtures along that way that fans have actually cherished these previous six seasons," reads the main synopsis because that "Once ~ above a Time" (OUAT) Season 6 finale (Episode 21 & 22) "The Final battle Begins on the network"s main website.

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"Once upon a Time" (OUAT) Season 6 finale airs may 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET ~ above ABC. Continue to be tuned for more spoilers and updates.