Season 2, episode 5 Strap in. Just as the last four episodes were beginning to feel a little bit too linear, this one moves fast in a lot of different directions — both in the past and also present stories. (Spoilers below.)

Underscoring whatever is the tension between the black and Hispanic inmates, and the swelling power of Vee, who is by currently well established as Litchfield’s very own Cruella de Vil.

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The episode opens up with “some worries in Spanish Harlem” – sewage starts to gurgle up from the shower drains in the hispanic block. Gloria Mendoza, who changed Red leading the kitchen, asks if the spain inmates deserve to use the “Ghetto,” or the showers that black inmates use.

Vee replies, “My girls room not skinny to sell special privileges.”

“Your girls?” Mendoza says. “When did the happen?”

A very an excellent question, due to the fact that she does it seems to be ~ to have amassed strength swiftly. Taystee seems completely in her fold again, even Poussey no longer seems wary, and also Crazy eyes is adhering to Vee about like a puppy. (A dalmation, presumably.)

The black inmates mildly mock Vee for she “in mine day, black women ran the joint” nostalgia. However they significantly seethe over slights, local and also societal. (The gyeongju tensions space played to an excellent humor. When the Hispanics uncover that the water push is much better in the Ghetto, one says, “It’s choose they’re getting special privileges, and we’re the black people.”)

The spain inmates in the kitchen damage the food for the black inmates through too lot salt. The black prisoners, in turn, tie the spain women’s boots with each other in an overwhelming knot.

At that, Mendoza orders Vee right into the toilet to work-related it out. Yet just as soon as you expect a confrontation, Vee begins to quiver.

“I thought we could be friends,” she speak Mendoza. She complains that the load of the younger black women. “They want me to be some type of den mother.”

She speak Mendoza that her camp can use the black color bathroom without incident. Yet she demands something in return: Taystee and Watson desire to work-related in custodial, so two others have to move out. Mendoza agrees she’ll talk to Caputo to have them moved to the kitchen.

As Mendoza go out, Vee’s crocodile tears dried up, replaced by a crooked grin.

Red is the way one – progressively this season, that seems. “She played you!” she tells Mendoza when she discovers the girls have actually been moved from custodial. Therefore the huge question going forward is: What is Vee increase to?

Mendoza is the star the this episode’s flashbacks, which are set off by she encounters with Vee. But the connection in between present and past is no as noticeable as in earlier episodes. Is the common thread Mendoza’s fear of trusting the wrong people?

We view her in the past working in a convenience keep that doubles together her aunt’s Santeria chapel. A regular customer is complaining the the candle the aunt offered him didn’t acquire him the task she promised. Another man come in and tries to buy beer through food stamps.

Mendoza provides a display of trying to object, however she secretly slips him a $50 invoice in exchange because that his food stamps. She boyfriend, Arturo, listening, slaps her after she brushes turn off his complaints around being rude come a customer.

We easily gather this abuse is common – in a later on scene, Mendoza, through a black color eye, sits with her aunt in ~ a playground watching her children. Arturo tracks her there, and she takes the back. She tells her aunt the he has actually never hit the children. And also he insists the is working on his problems. “Work ~ above them all the way to hell,” her aunt sneers.

Then he access time Mendoza’s son, and also she lastly decides to leaving him. She will certainly go to Florida, she tells she aunt, utilizing the sizable wad that cash she has stowed in a box behind the save counter.

“I purchase food stamps and also charge the government for ingredient I never ever sell,” she describes to she aunt. Arturo comes in and also tries to protect himself – her child was “in the way.” The police arrive outside, and Arturo runs out the earlier door. However they room not there for him; lock have pertained to arrest Gloria on fraud charges.

The dissatisfied job-seeker has turned she in. After Gloria has actually been taken away, Arturo return to steal the box of money. However on his method out, the kicks over a Santeria candle, and is consumed by the flames in a little room – the hell he has been working toward.

Back at Litchfield, big Boo and Nichols’s sex challenge continues. (“It’s not a rape contest,” Nichols clarifies.) An older woman that is keeping score has actually assigned points to various inmates. (Chapman is upset the she merits only three out of 10; she got dinged for having sex v Alex.)

Boo is winning, but Nichols insists she is “playing for huge money at a private table.” She’s put her chips top top Fischer, the by-the-books newbie guard. She curses herself once Fischer rejects her. Morello assures her she was simply being ambitious.

“I to be arrogant,” Nichols says. “It’s a classic story that hubris. I’m favor Icarus, whose wing melted before he could have sex with the sun.” (The language has actually been cleaned up contempt here. Her translate of mythology is too great to leaving out.)

This episode additionally starts introducing us to much more about the jail staff, and also their stories external Litchfield. Healy proceeds to struggle with his mail order bride, and also seeks advice, again, from Red. Should he take she to a high school manufacturing or just dinner? She advises him come skip the show and also go for dinner.

“Romantic Italian?” he asks.

“What, romantic Indian?” she replies. “Come on.”

When he approaches his wife about dinner – in ~ the Spaghetti factory – she tells him she’s made other plans.

“I to be looking forward to seeing you,” he tells she in the Russian he has actually been researching on tape during his work-related hours. He offers to invite she friend: “Your friends are my friends, mine friends space your friends,” he tells her.

“You don’t have any type of friends, Sam,” she tells him, in biting English.

He supposedly sets the end to adjust that, heading come a bar where a tape is playing, through none various other than Joe Caputo top top bass. (Over drink after, Sam tells Caputo he particularly likes the song around working in the mines; Caputo explains that it’s in reality a an allegory about a vasectomy reversal.)

Caputo, for this reason far well known mostly because that masturbating every time an inmate pipeline his office, is angry and also concerned around the inmates’ welfare, and frustrated with his boss, Natalie “Fig” Figueroa for not caring much more – she won’t even spend the money to resolve the hispanic showers. In ~ the an extremely least, he tells Healy, they must be making sure the inmates space clean and healthy.

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Sam gloms onto his new best girlfriend – “Capu Dawg!” the calls him, prompting one eye role from Caputo. And also he shows up to listen to his concerns, putting Piper up for a three-day furlough she requested upon discovering that she grandmother is dying.

But will she stay with Larry, that asks? She will, though she agrees it can be an excellent to examine with him first.

Piper phone call Larry and also catches the on his means back from the day with Polly (they stand in line for two hrs to eat Bagnuts, a cross in between a bagel and also a doughnut.) he asks why she didn’t speak to earlier.

“Because we damaged up, and also I guess i was imagining that I could be this human who doesn’t rely on anybody, or permit somebody rely on me,” she speak him.

They agree they’ve missed every other. Yet can a three-day furlough conserve this marriage? perform we doubt it’s not that simple? put your suspect – however no spoilers, you re welcome – in the comments.