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The Oregon State Beavers (5-5, 4-3 Pac-12) have won a conference home game for the an initial time due to the fact that the 2016 polite War. On an elderly Day versus Arizona State (5-5, 2-5 Pac-12), the Beavers beat the sunlight Devils 35-34.

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Here are some takeaways from the game:

Luton, the offense, ultimately put it with each other at home

In Jake Luton’s last game at Reser Stadium, he lastly came away through a win versus a conference opponent. The offense supplied intermediate overcome of end 15 yards come stretch the defense therefore Jermar Jefferson and Artavis Pierce had more room to run. In the second quarter, the Luton come Hodgins connection moved increase alone in 2nd place because that touchdown connections in between quarterback and receiver in college history. However, that wasn"t every pretty as the Beavers" offense shed their an initial fumble that the season in the third quarter. Going into the game, the Beavers’ offense had struggled at home this season but put it every together simply in time for an elderly Day.

Defense played fine enough 

Despite a point total the 34, the Beavers defense played better than that number indicates. Provided how well their offense was playing, the defense essential to just slow under the sun Devils enough to provide their offense an ext opportunities. One of the highlights of the night taken place on the critical play that the very first half as soon as Hamilcar Rashed Jr set the Oregon State document of 13.0 sacks in a solitary season. The Beavers also forced a fumble deep in Arizona State territory early on in the second fifty percent which resulted in a dual digit lead. Every possession mattered today and the Beavers defense got just sufficient stops come pull the end the win, including a 2-point conversion protect against that would have provided ASU the lead v 1:40 to play.

Poor return coverage

While the Beavers defense has played well, special teams have actually not done them any favors. In the an initial half alone, the sun Devils had actually 95 kickoff return yards and also 77 punt return yards, consisting of a 63 garden return because that a touchdown by Brandon Aiyuk in the second quarter come tie the game at 21. Plenty of of the returns would have actually been also larger if no for David Morris that made potential-touchdown saving tackles. The Beavers’ lackluster return coverage has already blown a video game this season once they offered up a big return against Stanford in Oregon State’s conference opener to collection up a game winning ar goal. 

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