The 89th yearly Academy Awards air on Sunday, February 26th from Hollywood, CA.

The main details for the latest installment that the annual movie awards ceremony.

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This weekend, the recent movie awards season wraps up through the 89th yearly Academy Awards. The recent Oscars display features a showcase of all the finest movies, performers, writers, directors, m2175forals.comicians, and associated talent from 2016. Gold statues will be handed out to the ideal of the best, as this year" movie frontrunners include the heavily-nominated " La Land," and also " through the Sea," " Figures," and "" many viewers are wondering once are the Oscars 2017 acquisition place, and the other necessary details because that watching this year" show.

Here" the latest information you need to know.

Top Oscar nominees

Each year, the Best snapshot category honors a group of the top movies end the past year. This year, the Oscars will encompass nine contenders. " La Land" is the favourite to win the category however will compete versus " by the Sea," "" and also " Figures" because that the award. Various other contenders include "," " Ridge," " or High Water," "," and "" It must be listed that " La Land" is up because that a record-tying 14 total awards top top the evening, a feat just two other movies have achieved over Oscars history.

The top actor and also actress awards are additionally of high attention each year. In the best Actor category, Casey Affleck (" by the Sea" is considered the favorite to win along with Ryan Gosling (" La Land" and Denzel Washington (" In the ideal Actress category, Emma rock (" La Land" competes versus top contenders Natalie Portman ("" and also Meryl Streep (" Foster Jenkins"