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"Love Will find a Way" is a solitary released through American rock team Pablo Cruise indigenous its album civilizations Away in may 1978. ~ above the hot 100 "Love Will discover a Way" came really close to corresponding the group"s "Whatcha Gonna Do?" chart run for the 7 weeks capping with its identical #6 peak, a year to the week later, indigenous mid-July with August. The song obtained a significant amount of airplay during the summer of 1978, prompting critic Robert Christgau to say, "Hear David Jenkins song "once you acquire past the pain" fifty times in a day and the pain will be permanent", introduce to the 2175forals.com of the chorus. The tune was provided on CBS"s duration drama Swingtown, at the end of episode 2, "Love Will discover a Way" (anachronistically, together the episode was set in 1976, 2 years before the song was released).more »

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Someone, someone"s got me wrongYou assumed that your love was strongNow you"re feelin" prefer such a foolPoor you, you"re thinkin" probably if you said goodbyeYou"ll understand the factor whyThe love you had felt so cool um hmOh but it"s all rightOnce you gain past the painYou"ll learn to uncover your love againSo save your heart openCause love will find a waySometimes us all feeling a must changeOur love we need to rearrangeAnd move on come something new yes friend doYour desires feel favor they"re fallin" apartYou need to find a brand new startBut you"re nearly afraid to be true to yourselfOh, but it"s every rightOnce you gain past the painYou"ll discover to discover your love againSo keep your love openCause love will find a wayLove will uncover a wayLove will discover a waySo now don"t, don"t be fear of yourselfJust relocate on come something elseAnd let her love bright throughAgain correctly "cause it"s every rightOnce you acquire past the painYou"ll learn to find your love againSo store your heart openCause love will find a way

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Pablo Cruise Pablo Cruise is a pop/rock band at this time composed of David Jenkins (guitar and also vocals), Cory Lerios (keyboards and vocals), Steve Price (drums) and Larry Antonino (bass and also vocals). Developed in 1973, the tape released eight studio albums over the next decade, throughout which time 4 singles got to the top 20 the the Billboard hot 100 chart. The team underwent number of personnel changes and also split increase in 1986.

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The initial lineup - Jenkins, Lerios, Price and Bud Cockrell - rejoined in 2004. More »