about Gonna gain Along without Ya now

"Gonna acquire Along there is no Ya Now" is a renowned song written by Milton Kellem, and also published in 1951. Initially written in English, it has been done in several styles and tempos. The very first known videotaped version was released in 1951, through Roy Hogsed. The "original" version, tape-recorded by Teresa Brewer v Orchestra command by beam Bloch top top January 10, 1952, was released through Coral documents as magazine number 60676 top top April 5, 1952. It reached number 25 ~ above the Billboard charts. It to be done in a "Swing" style, with big band backing (including mouth harp). Patience and Prudence had more success v the song as soon as they videotaped it in 1956 getting to number 11 ~ above the chart. This is thought about the benchmark version, through which all others room judged, as result of the intimate harmony the the 2 young singers. This variation brightened the melody somewhat, and also later artists complied with the brighter version, together did Brewer once she videotaped an album variation in 1964 in a semi-Caribbean style.

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Two various other versions hit the united state chart in 1964 as sung through Tracey Dey (peaking in ~ number 51) and Skeeter Davis (peaking at number 48).more »

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Uh huh, uh huh, gonna gain along there is no you nowUh huh my honey, uh what my honey,Gonna acquire along without you nowYou said me ns was the neatest thingYou even asked me come wear her ringYou ran roughly with every girl in townYou never cared if it obtained me downUh huh, uh huh, gonna gain along without you now.Uh what my honey, uh huh my honey,Gonna get along without you nowGot follow me without you before I met youGonna gain along without you nowGonna discover somebody who"s double as cute"Cause ns didn"t favor you anyhowYou said everybody that us were friendsBut this is whereby our friendship ends"Cause every one of a sudden you changed your tuneYou haven"t been approximately since method last June.Uh huh, uh huh, gonna acquire along without you now.Got along without you prior to I met youGonna gain along there is no you nowSo lengthy my honeyGoodbye mine dearGonna get along there is no you now

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Patience and also Prudence Patience Ann McIntyre (born respectable 15, 1942) and Prudence Ann McIntyre (born July 12, 1945), recognized professionally together Patience and Prudence, room two sisters who were a young vocal duo active from 1956 to 1964. Much more »