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You are my friend,I never knew that "til thenMy friend, mine friendYou hold my hand,You could not speak a wordBut I view your tears as soon as I display my painYou"re--- my, my friendI never knew it "til thenMy friendI feel your love,When you"re not nearIt helps me make it learning you careThe thought of you help me carryonWhen i feel every hope is goneI see the people wit brand new eyesYour love has made me realizeMy future look at bright come me,Oh due to the fact that you room my friendDa, da, da, da (ad lib)I"ve been looking around and also you were right here all the time.Da, da, da (ad lib)I"ve been around and also around and also around and aroundDa, da, daI"ve been looking around and also you were here all the time(Repeat)
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