Never before has there to be an artist who has actually been equally recognized, awarded and also celebrated "in former of the camera" and "behind the camera."Paula Abdul is a ground-breaking choreographer, dancer, songwriter, performer, designer, actor and business woman.She is a two-time Emmy award winner, Grammy compensation winner, American Music award winner, and also multi-platinum record artist who has actually been entertaining her fans because that over 30 years.Her work as choreographer contains her Emmy winning contributions to The Tracey Ullman Show, developed by the Oscar and Emmy compensation winner James L. Brooks. Soon thereafter, Paula Abdul was dual nominated for her ground-breaking choreography because that the 62nd annual Academy Awards and also her very own performance ~ above the American Music Awards, because that which she won an Emmy. She won seven MTV Awards because that her work with Janet Jackson and has likewise choreographed for Duran Duran, ZZ top, The Jackson Family, George Michael, Luther Vandross, INXS, Heart and Prince.

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In films she has served together choreographer because that Patrick Dempsey in can not Buy Me Love, she transformed Val Kilmer right into the iconic Jim Morrison in The Doors, choreographed the memorable afri wedding dance scene with Eddie Murphy and also Arsenio room in comes to America, to be the choreographer because that Arnold Schwarzenegger in The to run Man, and was able to re-team with her mentor James L. Brooks, that took Paula under his wing at The Tracy Ullman display transitioning her right into the human being of choreographing for TV and film, because that the Oscar winning power of Cuba Gooding Jr. In Jerry Maguire.Paula ended up being a an international singing sensation with her an initial album Forever her Girl, followed by one astonishing six number 1 singles.And, just until a couple of months ago, after being bumped come number 3 by Adele, Paula’s “Forever your Girl” reigned as the 2nd longest charting album on the Billboard warm 100 chart. Paula has actually won a Grammy, 7 MTV video clip Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, two People’s selection awards, and sold end 60 million records worldwide.



In 2015 Paula was seen as a referee on Season 12 of the U.S. Variation of “So girlfriend Think You can Dance” and delighted millions through her guest figure on The late Late display with James Corden re-creating her "Opposites Attract" music video.In 2016 Paula make an illustration on Lip Sync fight with Jenna Dewan-Tatum who re-created Paula’s “Cold Hearted” music video clip live on stage in prior of a live audience and also millions the viewers.Paula Abdul walk on a nationwide tour with Boyz II Men and also The new Kids ~ above the Block in 2017 performing she hit song for countless fans in pack arenas throughout the country.In 2018 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of she "Forever her Girl" album, Paula went back to the stage for her an initial solo tourism in 25 years through the directly Up Paula! Tour and also was named one of Billboard "Top 60 Female artist of All-Time top top the Billboard warm 100" and also "Rush Rush" to be #77 top top Billboard"s list of optimal 100 song of every time.In 2019 Paula Abdul carry out a medley of her biggest hits at the Billboard Music Awards i beg your pardon garnered wild excitement from a celebrity-packed audience and also rave reviews online. The performance witnessed the built up songs Paula performed log a 102% obtain in streams. Prior to the show, Paula announced a las Vegas Residency display titled "Paula Abdul: Forever her Girl" opening August 13th at the Flamingo ras Vegas.



Paula Julie Abdul to be born on June 19th, 1962 in mountain Fernando, California. She parents room Harry and also Lorraine Abdul. She has a sister called Wendy, who is 7 years she senior.Her parents are both Jewish. Her father (once a breed cub trader and later the owner the a sand and gravel business) to be born right into a Syrian Jewish ar in Aleppo, Syria, was raised in Brazil, and also immigrated come the unified States. Her mom (a concert pianist because that a brief time and former assistant to film director Billy Wilder) thrived up in Manitoba in Canada, and also has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors native Russia and Ukraine. Her parents divorced when she was seven years old.Paula was influenced at an early age by the film "Singing In The Rain", and also as a young girl she ultimate ambition was to be a successful dancer choose her idol Gene Kelly. Subsequently, Abdul began taking run lessons at very early age in ballet, Jazz, and also Tap and she impressed she teachers through her natural capability to dance.

Growing increase in north Hollywood, CA at period seven she performed in community theater groups, invested summers touring in us theatrical productions and also begun studying jazz and tap dance approaches from age ten, to end up win a scholarship to study under Joe Tramie at the prestigious Bella Lewitzky dance Company.Paula attended valve Nuys High School, wherein she was a cheerleader and also an honor student. Complying with graduation indigenous high college in 1978, Paula Abdul appeared on the tiny screen in the low-budget elevation movie-musical "Junior High School".At California State college at Northridge, Abdul majored in transfer with really hopes of becoming a sporting activities broadcaster. Her career course would adjust once she auditioned because that the Los Angeles Laker Girls.

She was selected from a pool of 700 candidates because that the cheerleading squad of the Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball team—the well known Laker Girls. In ~ a year, she came to be head choreographer earning $50 per game during her student in the first year year.Abdul was discovered by The Jacksons, ~ a few of the tape members had watched her while attending a Los Angeles Lakers game. She signed-on come choreograph the video to their single "Torture".The success the the choreography in the video paved the method for Abdul"s career of choreographer in music videos. As result of the success of the “Torture” video clip Abdul was liked to be the choreographer for the Jacksons" win tour.Paula easily becomes recognized as one of the most talented up-and-coming choreographers in Hollywood and also is attributed with the choreography that the movies "Private School" (1983) and "Coming come America" (1988) the smash fight comedy certification Eddie Murphy and also Arsenio Hall. She likewise choreographed routines for the highly famous TV series "The Tracy Ullman Show" and also several TV commercials.

In 1985 Paula was asked through the head of A&M documents A&R john McClain, to choreograph for Janet Jackson, causing the hugely effective dance-step visuals because that Janet Jackson"s fight singles "When i Think that You," "Nasty," and also "What have actually You Done for Me Lately?" indigenous the “Control” album.During their plenty of rehearsals, Paula would sing along to Janet’s song while performing the dance routines with Jackson. Janet complimented Paula on her singing and encourages her to pursue a job in the music business.

Forever your Girl

In 1987, Paula used her savings to form a girl group and also quietly records a demo with 3 of she friends. Their team was dubbed the "Cheer Girls." lock sent duplicates of your demo come several document labels consisting of Warner and also Motown Records. Motown didn"t think the group had what it took to be successful because, in ~ the time, girl bands were believed to it is in unpopular.Label Executives that were busy launching the new Virgin records America heard about Paula and also invited she to dinner to discuss the "Cheer Girls" demo. They favored the demo yet decided they wanted to listen Paula sing solo.Just as Motown Executives had said, Virgin didn"t think girl bands had actually what that takes to it is in popular. They asked Paula to go ago into the studio – this time alone to document the song. She did together they requested and also days later on Virgin records signed her onto their label.Label Executives notified Paula she would need to work quickly preparing the album due to the fact that they want it prepared for a summer release. She would document the album in ~ night, working on choreography projects during the day.The completed album would be referred to as "Forever your Girl."

The an initial single and very first song Paula recorded, “Knocked Out” to be written and also produced through Babyface, L.A. Reid and Daryl Simmons. The tune was originally included on a Virgin documents sampler because that the beginning of Virgin records America.In the feather of 1988 "Knocked Out" to be released together a solitary to check Abdul"s advertising appeal. It proved to be very successful for a low spending plan single.Paula"s "Forever her Girl" album hit music shop in June 1988, in addition to the follow-up solitary "The way That girlfriend Love Me."The tune failed to attract much attention, despite its dance-pop remix, and also it further alienated the small R&B pan base the "Knocked Out" had actually generated. The track stalled at #88 on the Billboard warm 100. Both songs received radio airplay, but neither controlled to with the top 40 charts.In 1989 Virgin and Abdul"s producer felt the it was necessary to remix The way That friend Love Me because that its solitary re-release, therefore the enhancement of “(It"s Just)” to the song"s title.This time, it came to be a substantial success, peaking in ~ #3 on the Billboard hot 100 ~ above December 2, 1989.

In the so late summer that 1988, without having actually a hit, it seemed as if the "Forever your Girl" album to be a flop. 6 months later, Virgin records executives were in the process of reorganizing the label’s roster the artists. Due to Forever your Girl’s failure to launch, Abdul’s record contract to be on the chopping block. together quoted in “Virgin: A background Of Virgin Records” by terrycloth Southern, Simon Draper, a Co-founder the Virgin records says “ had actually quite a big success for Virgin America- however they were still losing money- and also suddenly, and seemingly fairly miraculously, she took off. I went out to America with Kenny for a huge crisis meeting through Jordan and also Jeff (top American execs) worried around the amount of money they to be spending; we were come go v their artists’ roster through them. One of the artists they were acquiring ready to drop to be Paula Abdul; they to be spending all this money top top her and also it hadn’t yes, really happened. It’s unbelievable, yet at lunchtime us sat in top top a marketing meeting wherein they to be arguing around this remix the her solitary <“The means That you Love Me”>, and on that very same day the things suddenly began to rotate around, orders began to pile in, and also the document took off favor a rocket- the record played a major role in establishing Virgin America – however it was close! one more week and they could have got rid of her.”It was throughout this meeting among the Executives turned on the radio to hear Abdul’s “Straight Up” playing. Radio station KMEL in san Francisco had started playing "Straight Up" (the b-side the "The means That you Love Me") and also the song started charting immediately. Virgin determined to abandon "The means That girlfriend Love Me" and also refocus its fist on "Straight Up".

It took “Forever your Girl” 64 weeks come hit No. 1 top top the Billboard 200 album sales chart— the longest an album has been on the market prior to hitting No. 1— and also it spent 10 weeks there.And, only until a few months ago, after being bumped come number 3 by Adele, Paula’s “Forever your Girl” reigned as the 2nd longest charting album top top the Billboard warm 100 chart.The album eventually came to be multi-platinum in the spring and summer that 1989, and also it spawned 5 American optimal Three singles, 4 of lock No. 1s (three in 1989 and also one in 1990): "Straight Up", "Forever your Girl", "Cold Hearted", and "Opposites Attract".A remix album, shut Up and Dance, was additionally released and peaked in ~ No. 7 top top Billboard"s album chart, ending up being one the the many successful remix albums to date.

In early 1991, Yvette Marine, backing vocalist ~ above “Forever her Girl”, claimed that she sang "co-lead vocals" ~ above the album and also sued Abdul and Virgin documents for compensation. ~ one month that court proceedings, Abdul and Virgin winner the case.Abdul"s follow-up album to "Forever your Girl", to be 1991"s "Spellbound" i beg your pardon contained one more string of hits, and sold over 7 million duplicates worldwide.The first single from Spellbound was the ballad, "Rush Rush," which topped the Billboard warm 100 chart for five consecutive weeks, and featured a music video clip themed after ~ the movie Rebel there is no a Cause and also starred Keanu Reeves in the James Dean role."The Promise that a new Day", the second release indigenous the album, also hit No. 1, and also was adhered to by the top 10 fight "Blowing Kisses in the Wind" and also two peak 20 hits: "Vibeology" and also "Will friend Marry Me?"

Abdul advocated the album through the "Under my Spell Tour", i beg your pardon was named by an MTV dispute for fans. This tourism was almost cancelled because of an accident throughout rehearsals.The people tour started on schedule and ran from October 1991 to the summer the 1992. In 1991, Abdul adopted advertising and also starred in a renowned Diet Coke commercial in i m sorry she danced with a digital photo of her idol, a young Gene Kelly.It was around this time when problems in Paula"s an individual and skilled life started to cloud she career including a administration shake-up throughout the release of “Blowing Kisses in the Wind” and also “Vibeology.” Abdul to be honored v a star top top the Hollywood to walk of call in December 1991.Paula continued to do headlines with her very publicized marital relationship to Emilo Estevez—they married top top April 29th, 1992. That exact same year Paula confessed to suffering from bulimia, an eat disorder, and checked herself into a clinic. She divorce Emilo Estevez in may 1994, citing irreconcilable differences, back they continue to be friendly come this day.

Paula began recording songs because that her 3rd studio album in 1994. By 1995, Paula Abdul had actually recovered native her fight with the eat disorder bulimia and prepared to go back to the spotlight with her brand-new album "Head end Heels," a bold exit from her first two studio albums.Three singles to be released indigenous “Head over Heels”, including “My Love Is for Real,” “Crazy Cool,” and “Ain"t never Gonna you Up” every one of which failed to crack the height 20.Due to a absence of promo by Virgin Records, "Head over Heels" peaked at simply 18 top top the Billboard 100. The album had managed to sell just under 3 million duplicates worldwide, her lowest offering studio album (in terms of worldwide sales) in her career. After ~ the family member failure the the album, Abdul left the music scene.

acting Debut and "Spinning Around"

In October 1996 Paula engaged and also married Brad Beckerman, heir to the clothing giant, Starter, in a whirlwind romance after they were set up top top a blind date by a shared friend. Lock divorced just seventeen months later on citing irreconcilable differences.In January 1997 Paula ventured into TV, making her adult exhilaration debut v ABC"s Sunday Night Movie "Touched by Evil", the true story the woman who discovers the her boyfriend is a rapist.Paula go on to make appearances ~ above "Spin City" and "The Wayans Bros." Sitcoms and also appeared top top NBC"s "Mr. Rock & Roll: The Allen Freed Story", the cable TV movie "The wait Game", NBC"s "Saturday Night Live", and also guest-starring on ABC"s "Muppets Tonight" and also "Sabrina The Teenage Witch".In 1997 Paula was signed come Mercury Records and also begun recording she follow-up album come “Head end Heels” including two new songs because that a to plan “Greatest Hits” album with Virgin Records.

Unfortunately, because of corporate restructuring Abdul to be dropped because that the label before she could complete her album.That exact same year, Abdul co-wrote the tune "Spinning Around" (about she divorce indigenous Beckerman) through songwriter and also producer Kara DioGuardi, who became a fellow judge ~ above American Idol in 2009."Spinning Around" to be a dance-pop track intended to be the lead single on Abdul"s follow-up album come Head over Heels.Paula’s album never materialized, and also a demo because that "Spinning Around" was found by Kylie Minogue’s A&R certified dealer in new York and was instantly recorded by Kylie for her anticipated comeback album, 2000’s “Light Years”. The tune was extremely successful, reaching No. 1 in many countries worldwide. That debuted at number one top top the ARIA Singles Chart and also won the 2000 ARIA Music award for best Pop Release.

In 1998 Abdul released an aerobic video titled “Cardio Dance”, a follow approximately her critically acclaimed “Get Up and also Dance” video clip released in 1995. She has additionally co-founded company Dance, a call dance company that featured Abdul"s back-up dancers Nancy O’Meara and also Tyce Diorio amongst many others.A starring function in the Broadway musical “Sweet Charity” planned come open throughout the 99-00 season was postponed indefinitely as result of production problems.While Abdul take it a break from the music industry, she continued to be busy behind the scenes. Abdul served as the choreographer for number of productions, consisting of the 1998 music "Reefer Madness" and the cheerleading scenes in the 1999 film "American Beauty."Abdul also co-produced a 2001 pilot episode of "Skirts," a dramatic series that would have actually aired on MTV about a high-school cheerleading squad; Abdul to be also set to appear as the head coach. The pilot never ever aired.In 2000 Virgin records released a “Paula Abdul’s best Hits” parcel containing every 14 that Abdul"s fight songs consisting of the tune "Bend Time earlier "Round" which had previously to be heard only on the 1992 soundtrack because that the struggle television collection Beverly Hills, 90210 in addition to fan favorite, "Crazy Love", a b-side uncovered on the Japanese-only import variation of "Head end Heels."

In 2002, Abdul appeared as one of three judges for the fact television music competition display American Idol. Abdul, along with fellow judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, evaluated countless amateur contestants in their capacity to sing. Abdul won worship as a sympathetic and compassionate judge.While serving as a judge on American Idol, Abdul signed top top a as reporter for Entertainment Tonight.In march 2006, Fox announced the Abdul had signed to continue to be on American Idol together a judge because that at least three an ext years. Later that year, fellow American Idol referee Simon Cowell invite her to be a guest judge at several of the beforehand auditions because that the third collection of his comparable UK talent show The X Factor. Abdul was existing at the early stage audition the the eventual winner, Leona Lewis.In 2007 Virgin documents released a 2nd greatest-hits album titled “Greatest Hits: directly Up.” likewise in 2007 Bravo started airing the reality television collection "Hey Paula," which adhered to Abdul with her day-to-day life. The collection was created by Scott Sternberg Productions and also debuted top top June 28, 2007. The present aired for just one season.

new Music

In 2007, Paula Abdul Jewelry launched its nationwide consumer debut ~ above QVC, v the tagline "fashion jewelry designed with heart and also soul." Abdul"s very first QVC appearance caused 15 sellouts the her an initial jewelry arsenal involving an ext than 34,000 pieces.In January 2008, Abdul returned to the music charts for the first time in practically 13 years v the single "Dance favor There"s No Tomorrow," the an initial track ~ above the album Randy Jackson"s Music club Vol 1."Dance choose There"s No Tomorrow" debuted ~ above On Air through Ryan Seacrest, and Abdul carry out it throughout the pre-game display for Super bowl XLII. The song was a usual comeback hit for Abdul, peaking in ~ No. 62 on the Billboard hot 100, No. 11 on iTunes and No. 2 on the Billboard warm Dance society Play charts.In January 2009, Abdul organized "RAH!," a 90-minute cheerleading compete on MTV. "RAH!" featured 5 collegiate squads completing in a collection of challenges with Abdul crowning one the winner.In may 2009, Abdul debuted she latest song "I"m Just below for the Music" top top the Ryan Seacrest Radio KIIS-FM show and also performed the single on the American Idol outcomes show. "I"m Just below for the Music" got to No. 87 ~ above the Billboard warm 100, coming to be Abdul"s 15th tune to show up on the chart.

Live come Dance and also The X Factor

In an interview with the Los Angeles time on July 18, 2009, Abdul"s manager David Sonenberg told the newspaper that, "Very sadly, the does not show up that she’s going to be earlier on ‘Idol’." This came about as a an outcome of stalled negotiations between Abdul and the show. On august 4, 2009, after numerous contract negotiations, Abdul evidenced that she would not be return to Idol because that its nine season.Abdul began off 2011 by serving as lead judge, executive producer, creative partner, mentor and coach ~ above CBS" new dancing competition, Live to dance (formerly obtained to Dance). After its an initial season of 7 weekly shows, it was canceled by CBS. During this time Abdul has likewise established a role as a recurring guest star ~ above the Lifetime collection Drop Dead Diva.On may 8, 2011, it was announced the Abdul would certainly rejoin Simon Cowell ~ above the first season that the American variation of The X Factor. The judging panel consisted of Abdul, Cowell, music executive, management L.A. Reid, and former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. The series premiered on September 21, 2011. Abdul was the mentor because that the "Groups" category.During the Judges" houses stage of the competition, Abdul to be aided by guest judge Pharrell Williams in Santa Barbara, California. Abdul"s contestants were all removed from the competition, her last act Lakoda Rayne were got rid of by the general public vote on week 5 of the Live Shows. They were the teams category"s most successful act. In January 2012, Abdul announced that she would not it is in returning together a judge because that the show"s second season.

In 2011, Paula Abdul announced a teamwork with Finnish duo Mikko Pykäri and also Sami Suova (aka light 2009) top top the single “So Free”.On October 15, 2012, Abdul offered as a guest judge during week four of the All-Stars variation of Dancing with the Stars. In mainly seven, she perform the "Dream Medley", a intuitive compilation of 4 of her No. 1 fight singles including "Straight Up", "Cold Hearted", "Forever your Girl" and "Opposites Attract". The medley to be then exit to iTunes together a digital download.On April 18, 2013, Abdul appeared on the top 5 results show of season 12 of American Idol to compliment contestant Candice Glover top top her performance of right Up.On July 9, 2013, Abdul to be a guest referee on So girlfriend Think You can Dance (Season 10).

In October 2013, Abdul was named as a judge on the revamped So friend Think You deserve to Dance Australia, which aired top top Network Ten in February 2014.In November 20th, 2013 Paula take it a long-awaited journey to Israel and also is named an "Honorary Ambassador".February 24th, 2014, Paula appeared as a judge on Season 6 that RuPaul"s Drag gyeongju on logo design TV.In October 1st, 2014 Paula collaborated through the Avon foundation for a PSA and also debuted a brand-new song and also music video clip called "Check Yourself"in assistance of chest Cancer Awareness Month.June 1st, 2015 Paula Abdul appears as a referee on Season 12 that So girlfriend Think You can Dance and also recently make a guest illustration on The late Late present with James Corden re-creating she Opposites attract music video, through Corden playing the function of MC Skat Kat.

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In 2016 Paula do an figure on Lip Sync fight with Jenna Dewan-Tatum that re-created Paula’s “Cold Hearted” music video clip live on phase in former of a live audience and millions the viewers. She likewise made an illustration on the final season that American Idol.Paula Abdul also returned come the live concert stage for the very first time in over 20 years to do her hit songs at the 2016 Mixtape Festival in ~ Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA.In 2017 Paula Abdul fight the road with brand-new Kids on the Block and Boys II men for "The complete Package Tour," wherein Paula performed her hit songs to offered out audience in over 40 cities nationwide. She additionally made a guest appearance on "Fresh turn off the Boat."In 2018 Paula announced her very first solo phibìc American tourism in 25 years title “Straight up Paula! Tour” where she checked out 26 urban over 7 main with extr performances scheduled right into 2019.In may 2019 Paula performed she hit songs at the BBMA"s. In June she will certainly be headlining LA pride Weekend"s opened ceremonyconcert and also announced a ras Vegas Residency in ~ the Flamingo starting in respectable 2019.In 2020 Paula Abdul wrapped increase the an initial leg that her las vegas residency and also made one appearance together a significant plot point in the Impractical Jokers theatrical movie debut. Paula ended up being a nationwide spokeswoman for Voltaren Arthritis pains Gel and teamed through friend Martino Cartier to launch the Forever her Curl styling device on HSN. She will end 2020 together a panel referee on "The masking Dancer" TV collection on FOX.

Awards Emmy Award: • 1989 "Best Choreography that a TV Series" on "The Tracey Ullman Show." • 1990 "Outstanding accomplishment in Choreography" because that "The 17th American Music Awards."Grammy Awards: • 1993 "Best Album Package" because that "Spellbound - Compact" CD in the shape of a compact awarded to arts Director Melanie Nissen. • 1991 "Best Music video clip - brief Form" for "Opposites Attract."People"s an option Award: • 1991 because that "Favorite Female music Performer"• 1990 for "Favorite Female musical Performer"• 1989 won because that "Favorite Female music Performer"American Music Awards: • 1992 because that "Favorite Pop/Rock female Artist" • 1990 because that "Favorite run Artist" • 1990 because that "Favorite Pop-Rock Female" • 1987 for choreography on ZZ Top"s "Velcro Fly" videoAmerican run Award: • 1990 for "Choreographer the the Year"MTV video Music Awards: • 1989 because that "Best woman Video" in "Straight Up" video. • 1989 because that "Best run Video" in "Straight Up" video. • 1989 because that "Best Choreography in a Video" "Straight Up". • 1989 because that "Best modifying in a Video" in "Straight Up" music video. • 1987 because that "Best Choreography" in Janet Jackson"s "Nasty" music video.• 1987 nominated for finest Choreography in a video clip (Janet Jackson"s "When i Think that You" music video.)Soul Train Awards: • 1989 nominated because that "Best Video" ("Straight Up") • 1989 for "Best Choreography" ("Straight Up")Other Awards and Honors: • 1991 Star on the Hollywood go of Fame• 1991 an initial artist inducted intoNickelodeon Kids" choice Awards room of Fame• 2002 little Scholars Lifetime accomplishment Award• 2003 Teen an option Awards "Reality Babe"• 2007 Nevada Ballet Theatre"s mrs of the Year• 2008Tremaine national Gala - 2008 entertainer of the Year• 2013The Carnival: Choreographer"s ball Lifetime success Award• 2015World Choreography Award for "Check Yourself"• 2017The Music service Association - bother Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award• 2019: Ellis Island Medal the Honor• 2019 Ariadne Getty allied Award• 2019: Nevada Equality Award

job Highlights Discography: complete Length LP"s 1. Forever your Girl (1988) 2. Shut Up and also Dance (1990) 3. Spellbound (1991) 4. Head over Heels (1995) 5. The biggest : minimal Edition (1998) 6. Paula Abdul"s biggest Hits (2000) 7. Best Hits: straight Up (2007)Discography: Singles 1. Knocked out 2. (It’s Just) The method That girlfriend Love Me 3. Directly Up 4. Forever your Girl 5. Cold Hearted 6. The means That girlfriend Love Me (re-released) 7. Opposites attract 8. Rush Rush 9. The Promise of a new Day 10. Vibeology 11. Punch Kisses In The Wind 12. Will certainly You marry Me? 13. Mine Love is For genuine 14. Crazy Cool 15. Ain"t never Gonna provide You increase 16. Dance choose There’s No tomorrow 17. Ns Just below For The Music 18. Dream Medley 19. Inspect Yourself (PSA)Discography: special Appearances 1. Beverly Hills 90210- The Soundtrack 2. For Our Children- The Album 3. Because that Our Children- The Concert (album) 4. Bright 2009’s solitary “So Free” (2011)Discography: Co-writer1. Co-wrote "Ooh La La La" taped by "Nobody"s Angel" (2000)2. Co-wrote "Spinning Around" recorded by Kylie Minogue (1999)Videography: Music Videos 1. Knocked the end 2. The means That you Love Me 3. Directly Up 4. Forever her Girl 5. Cold Hearted 6. (It"s Just) The means That friend Love Me (re-released) 7. Opposites tempt 8. Skat Strut 9. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah 10. Rush Rush 11. The Promise that a new Day 12. Vibeology 13. Punch Kisses In The Wind 14. Will You get married Me? 15. My Love is For genuine 16. Crazy Cool 17. Ain"t never Gonna offer You up 18. Dance like There’s No morning 19. Check YourselfConcert Shows and Tours1. Society MTV Live tour (1989)2. Paula Abdul"s Under mine Spell world Tour (1991-1993)3. Mixtape Festival (2016)4. The full Package tourism (2017)5. Straight Up Paula! tourism (2018)6. LA pride Weekend opening Ceremony Concert (2019)7. 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Jerry Maguire (1997) 13. American beauty beauty (1999) 14. Miscellaneous Academy Awards Choreography projects 15. Various American Music Awards Choreography 16. Reefer madness (Broadway, 2000) 17. Black color Knight (2001) 18. Understand of Disguise (2002)Music video clip Choreography/Collaborations: 1. The Jackson"s "Torture" (1984) 2. Steve Winwood "Roll through It" (1988) 3. ZZ height "Velcro Fly" (1986) 4. Janet Jackson "Control" (1986) 5. Janet Jackson "Nasty" (1986) 6. Janet Jackson "What have actually You Done because that Me Lately?" 7. Janet Jackson "When i Think of You" (1986) 8. Duran Duran ("Notorious" video) 9. INXS 10. Kool & the corridor 11. Jermaine Jackson 12. George Michael ("Faith" Tour) 13. Dolly Parton 14. Prince ("Batman" video) 15. The tip Sisters 16. Debbie Gibson ("Shake your Love" video) 17. Aretha Franklin 18. Luther Vandross 19. LakergirlsSpecial Appearances: Music Videos 1. Garth Brooks video "We Shall it is in Free" 2. Michael Jackson"s music video "Liberian Girl" 3. Toto"s "Till the End" music video clip 4. OutKast"s "Roses" music video5. Marshmello"s "Tell Me" music video6.Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber"s "Stuck with U" videoSpecial Appearances: television 1. The Truth about AIDS (1992) 2. Because that Our youngsters -The Concert (1993) 3. Cybill (1995) 4. The solitary Guy (1995) 5. Muppets tonight (1996) 6. Spin City (1996) 7. SNL "Paula Abdul"s Cheerleading Camp" (1998) 8. Chicken Soup for The heart (1998) 9. Co. Run 1999 Championships 10. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch ("99) 11. Wayans brothers (1999) 12. Family members Guy / 2 episodes (1999) 13. VH1"s 100 biggest Dance songs (host; 2000) 14. An excellent Day L.A. (co-hosts periodically 2001-current) 15. Entertainment tonight (Idol correspondent/co-host) 16. That"s so Raven (2004) 17. Less Than Perfect (2005) 18. Romy and Michele: In the start TV Movie (2005) 19. The X aspect (UK) Guest judge / 3 episodes (2006) 20. Hotel Babylon (Herself) collection 3 episode 1 (2008) 21. Drop Dead Diva (Herself) 4 episodes, seasons 1-3 (2009-2014) 22. Dancing v the Stars (Guest Judge) main 4 (2012) 23. So you Think You deserve to Dance (US) (Guest Judge) Finals, main 3 (2013) 24. X Factor about the civilization (Judge) (2013) 25. The so late Late show with James Cordon (2015) 26. Lip Sync battle (2016)27. "Best Wishes, Warmest Regards" (2020)28. A&E Celebrity Ghost stories (Herself, 2020)Special Appearances: film / lead Actress 1. Touch By angry (1997) 2. The Waiting game (1998) 3. Mr. Rock "n" Roll: The Alan Freed Story (1999) 4. Robots (2005) 5. Brüno (2009)6.A Sister"s secret (2018)7. Impractical Jokers: The Movie (2020)Special Appearances: other 1. TV Commercials for Diet Coke (1989-1990) 2. Print heralding for LA gear 1990 3. Print advertising for Reebok 19904. Print heralding for AVON5. HSN residence Shopping Network appearances5. Various national and also international newspaper publications6. Co-Executive Producer "Caught In Providence"7.Voltaren Arthritis Pain gel commercial (2020)8. Covering of VULKAN magazine (2020)