A rescue watercraft retrieves a seaman native the burn USS West Virginia ~ the Japanese attacked Pearl port on December 7, 1941.

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This is thought to be photo of the an initial bomb on Pearl Harbor; it mirrors a Japanese plane pulling the end of a dive close to the explosion.

an aerial see of the harbor mirrors the devastation of the USS California, the USS Maryland, the USS Oklahoma, the USS Tennessee, the USS West Virginia and also the USS Arizona.

Airmen at Hickam ar watch as bombs explode. The Hickam field airbase was heavily targeted throughout the attack, and also Japanese bombers search to avoid counter-attacks native US forces by disabling American airplane on the ground.
A US military aircraft lands at Hickam ar on December 7. The base sustained hefty losses during the attack.
The USS California settles on the bottom that the harbor after gift bombed and torpedoed by the Japanese.
Crowds gather in new York"s times Square as news bulletins about the assault flash across the new York times building.

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end 2,400 American patriots shed their lives in the assault on Pearl Harbor

"I look front to visiting the USS Arizona Memorial later this month," Obama said

president Barack Obama significant the 75th anniversary the the Japanese strike on Pearl harbor on Wednesday by honoring those who offered their stays that day.

“Over 2,400 American patriots lost their stays in the assault on Pearl harbor – military and also civilian, men, women and children,” Obama claimed in a statement.

“Their sacrifice galvanized numerous GIs and Rosie the Riveters who answered the call to protect liberty at its moment of maximum peril. In the hrs after the attack, president Roosevelt promised that ‘the American human being in your righteous might will win with to pure victory.’ many thanks to the heroism of a generation, us did.”

The President noted that he would be make a historical visit to the USS Arizona Memorial later on this month with Japanese element Minister Shinzo Abe.

“As a testimony that also the most bitter that adversaries can end up being the closestly of allies, i look forward to visiting the USS Arizona Memorial later on this month along with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,” the said. “This historic visit will stand as a tribute come the power of reconciliation and to the fact that the unified States and Japan – bound by one alliance unimaginable 75 year ago—will continue to occupational hand-in-hand for a more peaceful and secure world.”

Abe is the first Japanese leader come visit the site due to the fact that the end of world War II.

“President Obama’s article for the civilization without nuclear upon his visit come Hiroshima was engraved in the heart of the Japanese people,” Abe said previously this month. “I will visit Pearl Harbor through President Obama. This will be a visit to soothe the souls that the victims. We need to never repeat the ravages that the war.”

In May, Obama to be the first sitting united state President come visit Hiroshima, whereby in 1945 the US armed forces dropped a atom bomb killing more than 100,000 Japanese men, women and also children.

Abe’s visit come Pearl harbor is assumed to be a method of reciprocating the commitment displayed by Obama come Japan-US relations.

President-elect Donald Trump called those that sacrificed their resides at Pearl harbor “brave Americans.”

“Today we are the bearers that the torch of flexibility these brave american passed on come us. In respect of their faithfulness, and also for the sake of generations come come, we will certainly never allow that fire to be extinguished,” he said.

The President-elect provided that the US and Japan are no much longer at odds, and also said America’s quest for peace need to continue.

“America’s adversaries have readjusted over the past 75 years. But the reality remains, together President Reagan claimed when first proclaiming national Pearl harbor Remembrance Day, ‘there deserve to be no substitute because that victory’ in the search of peace,” the said.