Penn State fans have been gobbling up tickets because that the 2017 rose Bowl game featuring the Nittany Lions against the USC Trojans. Joe Hermitt,

It's been eight years due to the fact that Penn State play in the rose Bowl game and also Nittany Lion pan weren't walking to miss out on the experience.

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The university exhausted its ticket allotment because that "The Granddaddy of castle All" - and then some. This come after the Nittany Lion Club, the Alumni association members and also Penn State students exhausted the school's 10,000 allotted tickets because that the 2016 huge Ten championship game.

Penn State's original allotment because that the 2017 rose Bowl video game - as established by increased Bowl public official - was 22,000 tickets. Yet that wasn't enough as fans ongoing clamoring because that those valuable stubs.

Per an email to native Jeff Nelson, pen State's Associate ad for strategy Communications, the school's ticketing staff witnessed the "tremendous demand" native Nittany Lion society members and contacted the huge Ten Conference with wishes of obtaining additional tickets. The large Ten had the ability to secure another 1,000-plus ticket for pen State.

According come Nelson, the 23,000-plus tickets marketed for this year's climbed Bowl game are the most tickets that pen State fans have actually purchased for a bowl game since the Nittany Lions' last climbed Bowl appearance in 2009.

"We are thrilled, however by no method surprised, through the tremendous response from penn State alumni, students and fans in their support of the Nittany Lions play in the climbed Bowl," stated Penn State strong director Sandy Barbour in one emailed statement to "This group of young men, the coaches and also staff have operated so difficult to become big Ten champions and also earn the appropriate to play in Pasadena. We can't wait to view our penn State household descend on southerly California and also passionately assistance their Nittany Lions in the 'Granddaddy of lock All.'"


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Penn State students bought around 1,700 tickets because that this year's game, the 103rd edition of the contest. The number is in the same variety as the sale for the 2009 increased Bowl per Nelson's email.

The school's allotment for the 2009 video game was about 25,000. This year's allotment was smaller as the increased Bowl stadium's capacity has slightly decreased due to the fact that the 2009 challenge due to renovations that began in 2011.

Approximately 93,293 world attended the 2009 game in what to be a contractual sell-out. The current capacity that the rose Bowl stadium is 92,542.

The common denominator in between the 2009 and also 2017 climbed Bowl gamings would be pen State's opponent: the college of southerly California (USC). This is currently the 3rd Rose bowl meeting in between Penn State and USC (1923, 2009, 2017).

Based ~ above the ticket sales, pen State pan don't appear to mind a rose Bowl sequel.

"Penn State fans have actually indicated they're passionate around the Nittany Lions, nevertheless of opponent," stated Nelson. "This has actually been obvious in both the regular and post-season v fans traveling to support our football team. We sold out of our allotment in ~ the Pinstripe key in 2014 and also sold well over the national average of ticket to the TaxSlayer bowl last year."

"We have played USC in the constant season and also bowl gamings in the past and our fans room excited around seeing these two traditional powers satisfy again," Nelson added.

There were two prices for penn State's allotted tickets, $150 and also $210. Every ticket prices are set by climbed Bowl officials.

The $210 seats are chairbacks located primarily ~ above the west next of the stadium. Bench seat in the North finish zone room $150.

Penn State pan headed come Pasadena have additionally purchased much more than 2,000 packages from PrimeSport, a global leader in sporting activities travel and event management.

Some the the facets featured in PrimeSport's various Rose Bowl take trip packages include chartered airfare filled through Penn State fans, transport onsite, lodging at premium hotels in Los Angeles including the team hotel, private events and also onsite hospitality. Events linked with the rose Bowl Parade are likewise included.

"PrimeSport is an industry leader in the college football space, and the need and task that we have seen this year has been exceptional," said PrimeSport chief Marketing Officer Zack lengthy in an email to "This year has been an extremely popular, to say the least."

"Penn State Athletics, the Nittany Lion Club and also the pen State Alumni association are great partners and wonderful to deal with," the added. "PrimeSport also does job-related with a number of other games and teams. All told us will occupational with 14 schools and also 27 various games in an main capacity."

There will be an ext than 1,000 fans the bought travel tours through PrimeSport paris to California native Harrisburg global Airport. Five planes will certainly be departing top top the December 30 and two will certainly leave on new Year's Eve.

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