Pittsburgh Penguins fans wait for the begin of the Penguins" NHL hockey Stanley Cup success parade in Pittsburgh, Wednesday, June 14, 2017.


Tim, Nolan and also Landon Jeffery, the West Mifflin, bring their inflatable Stanley Cup to the Penguins" parade.

Zack Brickner traveled from Virginia and braved the heat in his metallic Stanley Cup ensemble for the Penguins" win parade.

Fans watch highlights from the 2017 playoff season front of the post-parade rally at point State Park.

The Pittsburgh Penguins" Stanley Cup victory parade and rally attracted an estimated 650,000 world downtown. Not negative for a city that, officially, has only 305,000 residents.

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The crowd estimate by Penguins officials renders it the largest parade, by far, to revolve out for any kind of of the Penguins" 5 championships. Last year"s parade drew around 400,000 people — the most up to that allude — and also officials guess as numerous as 500,000 can turn out to celebrate the team"s back-to-back championships.

Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury indicators a hat for a fan along the parade course on Boulevard that the Allies.
Coach Mike Sullivan, in ~ the rally in allude State Park, said the crowd the talent the the team and support of the players aided them clinch your win.

"These men are fierce competitors and also they simply know just how to win," Sullivan said. "We"ve obtained a unique base. Girlfriend know, anyone talked around Nashville through those finals, yet they"ve acquired nothing on Pittsburgh."

Penguins fans from anywhere the region made the downtown because that the parade. Lisa Wolfhope, 45, and her daughter, Katie, 15, left their home in Johnstown in ~ 5:30 a.m. To beat the crowd. By 8:30 a.m., they to be camped out follow me the parade course on Boulevard that the Allies.

Zach Rickner, that Hampton, Va., drove seven hrs Tuesday to Johnstown and also woke up early on Wednesday morning come arrive in time for the parade. Despite the heat, Rickner to be dressed together an aluminum Stanley Cup, and also held two other miniature cup in his hands.

"I can"t take credit for the cup on mine head, my dad made that," Rickner said. "Made out of bubble wrap, plastic plates and also a lot of aluminum. It seems to get a most attention and also I love it."

Diane Reichenbach, of phibìc Huntington, has been complying with the Penguins because 1970. She stated she not just watched every Penguins playoff game, yet every game in the entire playoffs.

"It"s a completely different season once the playoffs arrive," Reichenbach said. "All the games are simply so exciting to watch and also it"s for this reason fascinating to view how hard every team is do the efforts to breakthrough to the next round."

Stan Schaffer, of southern Park, remembered the town hall the Penguins celebrate their back-to-back wins in the "90s.

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John Pawling, the Baldwin, pulls a wagon transporting sons Benjamin, 4, and also John, 2, and also their homemade Stanley Cup replica. Pawling claims they made the in '09 and also have civilization sign it in ~ parades and outings.
"They actually didn"t have actually a parade then," Schaffer said. "The second cup to be at three Rivers stadion ... I rememberTrottierjumping off the phase with the cup, running on the tarp and also sliding top top the field with the cup. It was great, classic."

While traveling the parade route, Penguins players seemed more than happy to jump out of the choose up van they talk in to greet fans, sign hats and also take selfies.

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This year"s parade was various than last year"s in the it ended at suggest State Park, where a phase was set up so the team and coaches could resolve the fans.

The rally was short, however impactful. The crowd seemed to cheer loudest as soon as goalies Marc-AndreFleuryand Matt Murray held up the cup with each other as pan chanted, “Murray, Fleury.”