Discus and also support Destiny: climb of iron disappeared from mine Xbox One and I can\"t obtain it back in XBoX Games and also Apps to fix the problem; ns bought the rise of Iron growth for Destiny as soon as it come out in 2016. I stopped playing it once Destiny 2 came out, yet recently, I\"ve become...Discussion in \"XBoX Games and Apps\" began by Yakson5, may 17, 2020.

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I to buy the increase of Iron development for Destiny once it come out in 2016. I quit playing it once Destiny 2 come out, however recently, I've become interested in playing Destiny again. However, the increase of Iron expansion is now lacking when ns go come the \"ManageGame and also Add-Ons\" section. If i go come the save on my Xbox One console, it states that I perform not very own the expansion (even though i have equipment and accomplishments from the rise of steel DLC). How deserve to I gain this expansion back? i don't desire to need to pay again because that aproduct that i have already purchased. :)

ns seem to be gaining something different.I can't easily uncover \"Destiny: increase of Iron\" in the keep pages without doing a hands-on search because that \"Rise of Iron\".I obtain an add-on web page for ROI, but there's no purchase/pre-order options. There's only a post that states \"(!) Destiny: rise of stole is currently not available.\"

They room being kind of sneaky top top this one.My friends room thinking of coming earlier to \"Destiny\" because that the \"Rise the Iron\" but cannot discover anything however the £50.00 download in the store.The save HIDES \"The climb Of Iron\"
£24.99 unless you very own \"The take away King\".If you own \"Destiny\" on the XBox ONE you have to purchse \"The take away King\" because that £14.99 and then \"Rise that Iron\" is easily accessible for £24.99.This conserves you £10.00.

Hey there,Which upgrade space you wanting? space you upgrading from heritage console (Xbox 360) or simply wanting to purchase the Destiny: climb of Iron expansion for your present copy of Destiny (The take away King or other)?From the Bungie announcements and description ~ above the Xbox store it would certainly seem together though the Destiny: The collection Upgrade is the choice for heritage console owners who upgrade come Xbox One , and also will it is in made accessible soon, vice versa, the Destiny: The Collection choice is for people wanting to purchase everything currently easily accessible as well together the rise of Iron growth for when it come out, so is this the option you room wanting? Or if you space wanting the increase of Iron expansion exclusively, over there is additionally the alternative for that.Let us understand if this helps!

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