The 27-year-old posted a cryptic post on Twitter saying: "I have decided to retiree young. Many thanks for the cheese. Capture ya"s later."

UFC star 2175forals.comnor McGregor doesn't mince his words.

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The featherweight champion sparked a society media frenzy earlier today v a cryptic tweet explain he's collection to retire .

The 27-year-old wrote: "I have made decision to retire young. Many thanks for the cheese. Record ya's later."

The Irishman's Twitter post sent fans into meltdown - yet it's no the very first time he's caught people's attention.

McGregor's gift the the gab has wound increase opponents, made people laugh and also been praised by various other MMA fighters.

Here's 17 that his finest quotes together 2175forals.commpiled through the ireland 2175forals.2175forals.comm .

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2175forals.comnor McGregor start the Octagon because that his welterweight bout versus Nate Diaz during the UFC 196 occasion inside MGM grand Garden Arena (
1. Predicting the future

"I said football stadiums. I said human being titles. This is what ns said and also this is what is happening. It's a beautiful thing as soon as you have the ability to predict the future, and also that is what i feel i have."

2. On exotic animals

"I'd love a monkey, maybe a chimpanzee. Simply a 2175forals.comol chimpanzee whipping around.. That would certainly be unbelievable.

"I tell girlfriend what, I'll 2175forals.comme ago next time v my brand new chimpanzee."

3. Speaking in Rio de Janeiro

"I very own this town, I very own Rio de Janeiro, so for him come say the he is the king and also I am the joker, if this was a different time, ns would invade his favela top top horseback, and would kill anyone who wasn't fit come work, but we're in a brand-new time, for this reason I'll whoop his ass instead."

McGregor beat Jose Aldo (
4. Drilling a Monster energy can through Aldo's head

"If he took a deserve to of Monster power from this table, and also told me come 2175forals.comme and also get it, I'd drill it through his head."

5. It will certainly all it is in A-okay

"I was happy to see him, i shook his hand, I taken on him, I provided him a small cuddle and told him the it would certainly all be A-okay.

"It will more than before you recognize it, simply please display up December 12th. Ns don't want to scare him any type of more, he's petrified, the went to run before. So currently I'm gonna take it the the opposite approach, cuddle the look ~ him, to whisper sweet nothings... Tell him it's gonna it is in alright and it will more than quick.

"Then hopefully gain him in the octagon ~ above December 12th and end his career."

6. You room going to die

"Look into my eyes. Tiny Brazilian. Você vai morrer (meaning you space going come die)."

7. Girlfriend can't force a man to hit

"If a guy is scared because that his life, we can not pressure him to step inside and fight me.

"Doctors have actually cleared him come fight - it's a bruise - yet he still pulled out.

"Rightfully so, the belt need to be taken indigenous him and we will certainly 2175forals.comntest for the interim belt or, in mine opinion, the real belt."

8. Top top the possibility of fighting Floyd Mayweather

"If you're asking would I choose to hit Floyd Mayweather - ns mean, who would not choose to dance about the ring for $180 million?"

"I certainly know he would certainly not desire to step right into my world.

"The world of pure unarmed 2175forals.commbat whereby there's no limitations, but I most certainly would step into his world.

"I would certainly box the if the possibility arose. Many certainly."

9. It's the McGregor department

"It's the McGregor division now. The bottled it, the went running. It's top top my contact now.

"So if he desires to 2175forals.comme ago with his tail in between his legs, that's no problem, he can 2175forals.comme back. We have the right to do the stadion in Dublin. However it's on my contact now."

10. Duration pain

"He (Jose Aldo) has been medically cleared to fight.

"Doctors have looked in ~ him, check him.

"He walk out and saw a gyne2175forals.comlogist and it transforms out, it was just a little period pain."

11. On hear he would certainly be fighting Mendes rather of Aldo

“The ship was cruising smoothly. Mine 2175forals.comach came into my room in ~ 1pm, i was sleeping, and also he said me the Mendes was replacing Aldo. I opened up one eye, said “it provides no difference” climate went earlier to sleep.”

12. ~ above his pendant after beating Chad Mendes

"I'm for sure blown away by the support. I can't put into words how grateful i am.

"So lot went ~ above in the build-up to this, so lot media obligation, ns travelled approximately the world twice and also did 2 takes.

"One in situation it to be Jose and also one in instance it was Chad. Therefore to simply 2175forals.comme in here and hear all the assistance yesterday and today... I'm shaking v it."

13. On the weight reduced

"The weight cut is tough however I have the right to go every f**king day. I knew if he gets me down, I'll speak to him, this is nothing.

"Nobody deserve to take the left hand shot, everyone breaks and he broke."

14. On Aldo's are afraid

"Fear has obtained a stench, and he's reeking the it."

15. McGregor's society media post around referee man McCarthy after ~ Aldo success

"Most will see 1 un2175forals.comnscious guy here.

"I see a clean obtain up about to take place in a fight against multiple attackers.

"Hips away, strong frame with the left hand, right hand article on the mat through bottom leg cost-free for a clean acquire up.

"If huge John was a se2175forals.comnd attacker, he is in trouble. Ns am a split se2175forals.comnd away from being ago to mine feet here.

"With his outstretched, forward getting to pressure, and his torso separated from his hips, that is finishing up confront down after the acquire up.

"Two or three quick cracks come his temple and I make my escape clean.

"Two attackers immobilized.

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"What's up las Vegas."

16. Precision win power and timing beats speed (after beating Aldo)

“Nobody have the right to take the left hand shot. He’s an effective and he is fast, however precision to win power and timing win speed.

“I feel for Jose, he is a phenomenal champion. He was a phenomenal champion. He deserved to walk a small bit longer however at the finish of the day, precision to win power and timing beats speed.”