Classified as liabilities on the balance sheet. C. Decreases in equity. D. Heritage that represent prepayments the future expenses.

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D. Assets that represent prepayments of future expenses.


Someone creates a prepaid account so that money is set aside to usage on future expenses.

Heller agency offers one unconditional return plan to that is customers. Throughout the current period, the company records total sale

A. $816,000


The formula come compute the net sales is displayed below:

= complete sales - sales returned


Sales went back = total sales × sales return percentage

= $850,000 × 4%

= $34,000

And, the full sales is $850,000

Now put these values to the over formula

So, the value would same to

= $850,000 - $34,000

= $816,000

C. Administration accountants provide accurate jae won data and

analyze the data to make predictions.

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Management accounting is an bookkeeping arm that focuses on the accurate organization, analysis, presentation, and also interpretation the a company"s financial data for usage by the management. The information produced by management audit is for inner use. It aids the top administration team in that decision-making process.

Management accountants analyze and make referrals on the business"s work aspects, together as prices of products and services purchased, product pricing, budget plan variances, margin analysis, sector trends, and forecast.

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Costly Corporation plans a brand-new issue of bonds through a par worth of $1000, a maturity of 37 years, and an yearly coupon rate of 11
Ta2175forals.com2010 <7> hello the alternatives related to your concern is missing attached listed below are the lacking options : 4.65% ( choice 3 )


par worth of bond = $1000

Maturity period = 37 years

Annual coupon price = 11.0%

Floating expenses = 3.0% of sector value the bonds

Discount price for bond of firms comparable = 9.0 %

Marginal tax rate = 50%

Determine the firm"s true expense of debt

Nper = 37

coupon rate = 11.0%

PMT = confront value * coupon price = 1000 * 11% = $110

present value ( PV ) = $1,176.67

step 2 ; calculation the value of YTM

YTM = 9.29% using excel function: rate( 37, 110, -1176.67, 1000 )

step 3 : calculation True price of debt

YTM * ( 1 - marginal tax rate )

= 9.29% * ( 1 - 0.5 )

= 4.65%


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The Marchetti Soup agency entered right into the complying with transactions throughout the month the June:
fiasKO <112>


The journal entries are shown below:

1. Merchandise inventory A/c Dr $200,000

to Account pa2175forals.comble A/c $200,000

(Being the inventory purchased is recorded)

2. Salaries expense A/c Dr $51,000

to Cash A/c $51,000

(Being salaries costs are paid for cash)

3. Expense of goods sold A/c Dr $142,000

to Merchandise perform $142,000

(Being the merchandise is sold for cost)

Accounts unification A/c Dr $255,000

come Sales revenue A/c $255,00

(Being the was is marketed on credit)

4. Cash A/c Dr $235,000

To account receivable A/c $235,000

(Being the cash is collected)

5. Accounts pa2175forals.comble A/c Dr 180,000

come Cash A/c 180,000

(Being cash is paid)

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The world within an organization who room responsible because that supervising the organization"s use of its resources are well-known as
Afina-wow <57>
As ManagersIn stimulate to preserve the productivity and also efficiency , the agency need managers supervise all company"s sources from the product sources to human resources.These supervisors will report directly to the executive, management directors
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